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Since the whole world is talking about Spiderman, and I've nothing to blog about, I think I shall talk about Spiderman too, and let my blog join one of the many many many other blogs talking about Spiderman.

***spoilers ahread***
Okay, the whole entry will be littered with spoilers, so ya, read only after watching it.

At two plus hours, Spiderman 3 is a very long drawn out affair. I was already fidgeting in my seat after Harry did not die for the second time, and Eddie turned into yet another villian. With so many villians in the show, it gets quite a bit tiring. It's like first fight Harry, then fight Sandman, the fight Harry again, the fight Eddie, then fight Eddie and Sandman, then fight that black parasite thingie. Fight fight fight... It's like a cycle.

Then was the melodramatic scenes about the personality conflict of the various characters. Peter conflict about himself, Mary Jane meeting a dead end in her career and becomes upset, Harry also struggling to find himself, Sandman also has some problems, Eddie also got problems, everyone also has problems. And because it's all packed into a two hour plus show, it seems a bit not very well developed. Think if well expanded, Spiderman 3 can become a 13-episode Spiderman drama serial.

Spiderman was also littered with tons and tons of imagery.

I personally liked the scene at the church a lot. First thing was the black spiderman sitting at the top of the steeple there in the rain with a very melancholic look. Damn shuai. Especially since he was in black. hahaha~ It's damn ironic for spiderman to reflect his actions at of all places, a goddamned church.

And it became more ironic when he went into the church. How he went in I don't know. And he battled with the parasite thingie while the bells were chiming. Think it's some sort of imagery with the bell chimes. Not so sure what that means, but it seems extremely ironic. And they were still in the church somemore. Worse was when Eddie appeared in the church too and was asking god to give him powers to kill Peter. And it so happened that the parasites fell from the top, you know, like special powers falling from the sky, falling from god. It's just to ironic.

But the worse worse worse imagery was at the end when Sandman and Eddie had Mary Jane up in the cab and Spiderman came to save her. Of the montages of Spiderman's arrival, there was in a flash of the moment, Spiderman coming down from the stars and stripes. Damn! Of all things, the American flag. That did it, I burst out laughing. And continued laughing for like 5min.

I didn't realise it until Yanwei pointed out to me that I was the only person in the whole theatre who was laughing. And laughing uncontrollably somemore. It was a big theatre with 90% filled, and of the like 200 over people, I'm the only person laughing at that. I don't believe lor. And I was laughing until Yanwei had to call me to stop. Is it because nobody got it, or was I the only one who found it ridiculously ridiculous?

But other than the above gripes, it was still okay la. I didn't watch Spiderman 1 and 2 but it didn't really matter. Like we all know the story about Spiderman mah...

I do enjoyed the fighting sequences. I thought that they were all nicely shot. The effects were great. Really in your face kind of stuff, and we were sitting somewhat in front so it was lagi more in the face kind of action.

I think I'll pop by IMDb later to give it a 8/10 rating. Mostly for the action, effects and Peter's jazz dancing. It was damn cool~

Next up I'll want to watch the Fantastic Four sequel. I think I'm starting to get into the whole mood of superheroes and stuff. With or without the whole "saving America" propagandistic imagery, it's nice fun and fluff stuff with lots of action. hahaha~ Wanna guess who my favourite Fantastic Four hero is? hehe~

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