Friday, May 11, 2007

Computer Crashed

My computer crashed.

The last time my computer crashed was last year April, a couple of days before my departure date. The computer crash screwed me up totally causing a huge strain in my emotions. This time round, my hard disk couldn't even last me the less than two years of the earlier one and instead, after slightly more than a year, it crashed on me again.

Because I live in my paranoid world of worst case circumstances, I do back up my stuff regularly. But still because there's a lag between the back up day and my computer crashing, there're still quite a lot of stuff which will disappear after i get back my computer. hai... But at least the important stuff won't disappear, I hope.

I'd also like to make use of this opportunity to apologise to Someone. Because of my bad temper, he has to tahan all my shite, my blow ups, and suffer under my anger. And to give him credit, he was able to withstand everything. *clap clap*

With these couple of days without computer I've to borrow computer from friends and my sister to use the internet, but it can't beat using my own computer, surfing my stuff. erm erm... hahaha~ And at my own pleasure and having my usual settings and everything at my beck and call. I can't wait to get my computer back, download all my anime, watch them, surf blogs, comment in the blogs, do all sorts of stuff. ahhh... Photoshop! crap...

Yup... I'll be off MSN these couple of days because I don't like using MSN on other people's computers, also because I log all my chats and I don't want my chats to be logged on other people's computers, nor do I want my chats to be not logged. erm, hope you get what I mean. Please, anything, email me. Email to my yahoo mail. DO NOT email to my hotmail. I don't understand why people like to email to hotmail just because my MSN uses my hotmail email address. Hotmail is for MSN use ONLY. bah~ Just because my MSN is jal4eva and my yahoo is jal5eva some smartypants like to think that 4 comes before 5 so 4 is better. erm... Just email to my yahoo mail la, or my gmail.

Or just leave a comment on my blog. All comments on the blog is directed to my preferred email account and I'll see them. Even if you leave a comment to an old post, I'll get all the comments in my mail box and I can reply you. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

In the times without computer and internet, I've been doing quite a bit of reading. I'm currently reading Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. He's basically placing the blame of the Holocaust on ALL Germans, not just the Nazis nor the SS, and it's also not the collarboraters, but the Germans. A bit interesting, but whether or not I agree to his stand remains to be seen after I finish with that book. But indeed, I believe that blame of the Holocaust does not lie solely in the hands of Hitler, but on many more people in the system.

Don't forget, Hitler was elected into power.

There're other stuff waiting for me to read them but I'm quite lazy. Going out and sleeping all looks to be better options than lying in bed reading. hahaha... So for the past week, I went out on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Only today I stayed at home to rest. I should be out tomorrow, Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday, and going for a camp on Wednesday till Friday. Hopefully I can be getting back my computer after I get back from the camp.

No further plans already. So please jio me out~


EgGyBo! said...

come gardens and eat chicken rice? let's try the new named stall..

chillycraps said...

I wonder did you shake your harddisk a lot?

anyway I'm reading this WW2 book as well, call Tigers in the Mud by Otto Carius, who says that German soldiers were judged wrongly after the war. Well....

xxoos said...

aikhui: i was there the other day, my dad was saying that the chicken rice stall changed management. now they want to sell more than just chicken rice because chicken rice cannot earn money. haha~

siuhang: no leh... i don't move my comp around that much, it's too heavy liao. haha~

i haven't heard of that book you're reading. think maybe it's some revisionist theory ba...