Friday, June 01, 2007

End of May

May was a bad month. bah!

I just found out that it wasn't my phone that's faulty but my memory card that's faulty, so gone are 10 days of pictures, 100+ mp3s, 1700+ SMSes. So, digging out of my remaining stuff left around with me, plus a complete hard disk for this dumb computer, ya, presenting to you the remnants of the good bits of my month of May...

I had my toes painted, actually I had all my nails painted, but the highlight of my toenails are the butterflies~

I hadn't actually wanted to do the nailart but my manicurist showed me her sample and I thought it was quite cool and I thought okay. At first I thought it was only $4, but later after it was done then she told me that actually complicated designs are $5. Felt a bit cheated, but what's done was done and the butterfly was really pretty. I had one on each of my big toe~

I went cycling with Shawn!

His family had extra bikes, so I picked one up and we cycled down East Coast Park from his place. I really suck at cycling on roads, everytime a car drives by, I'd stop the bike and wait for the car to go by me, then when I come to traffic lights, I'd get off the bike and push it across, I'm also afraid of cycling near longkangs. But it was fun, and I got quite a bit of tan from all the cycling. One funny incident happened when I was cycling near this bend with a slope, I was in the middle of two lanes when suddenly some person behind rang the bell on me. I panicked and shouted "I'm damn scared, I'm damn scared." and stopped right in the middle of the two lanes and waited for that guy to cycle past me. -_-" He even had the cheek to say "Don't need to scared la" as he went by me. bah~


Can you spot me??? I'm like quite hidden... Went for this chalet, sort of like a camp but the turn out was so bad that it seemed more like a chalet. There were like so many rooms and so little people that I had a bed to myself and there were still empty beds not taken. But it was quite fun la. Got to know many people and they are really a cool bunch of people. With me staying for one more year in NUS, think I can get to know them better.

It was a pity I didn't get to go to the AGM cos I was tied up in the hospital then well, just say that I was more needed at the hospital bah... hai...

This is a bunch of us at the bus stop.

I was telling them about how to use hands to cover up part of the face when taking pictures so that the face can look smaller in photos. Also can use the hand to cover up pimples and other facial flaws. Take for example me in the picture. My face was so pimply and oily and fat when I took that photo, but somehow I look pretty okay after using my hands to cover part of my face.

More on this technique some time later. It deserves a blog entry of its own. I even had done the photoshoot for it already. wahaha~'s bloggers gathering.
This picture was kapoked from someone I can't remember who. hahaha~

It was quite fun la, got to know quite a lot of people. Most of them are a lot nicer in real life then their online persona, I guess this happens quite often. Mrotaku won the blogging competition. Seeing the length he did to gather votes, and the effort he put in when he did up his blog entry, good for him. But the highlight of the even was meeting thegreatsze. OMG... I was just like this young giggly fangirl when the group of us saw him walk in. haha~ But he's really a cool guy, as cool as what he's like on his blog. Amazing. It was good also that he came cos that way I wouldn't be the oldest at the table. hahaha~

Zelia, Otaku and me.
This picture was kapoked from the page

I don't have Zelia's link, paiseh. There was great hype about her being very pretty. Well, maybe cos I've seen lots of pretty girls around so I think that she's the kind who's more of photogenic rather than really pretty kind of pretty. Or maybe I prefer stick thin girls as pretty. hahaha~ I've a warped sense of beauty.

This is with Xingyi. Xingyi, if you're reading this can you drop me your blog link please? I lost it after my hard disk crashed and my favourites all disappeared.

That pretty girl's now in gritty India. How's it there??? I had the honour of meeting her just before she fly and we had a great meal and took some nice pictures.

Yup, I still have pictures with the KTV session with Huijing, and more pictures I took here there everywhere. I had actually wanted to do a food roundup, but most of my food pictures are gone, along with all those stuff I said were gone earlier, so ended up having to do this social roundup. Not bad either, just that I'd actually met up with more people and had more photos taken but can't really put all of them up leh. So here's only part of my social events calendar, people whose pictures are not up, it's not that I don't love you, just that I'm a lazy pig. haha~

Hope the month of June would be a better month for me, with more pictures, more social events, more friends, and none of my anythings dying on me~


voxy said...

Eh the "camp" sounds quite fun. I want a room for myself too ~~~ I love overestimation in disorganisation, or something.

xxoos said...

haha, i'd prefer to have more people then can play games and not sleep, but well, it turned out to be pretty okay in the end.

it's quite sucky logistics wise with this sort of overestimation and disorganisation actually. hahaha~

xingyi said...

yoz... the twist sign does make my face look a bit smaller... haha.. good good... can send me that picture? Thanks! Anyway, my blog is

xxoos said...

thanks xingyi...
trying to send the pics to you now, to your hotmail add, can? but something's wrong with my yahoo mail, if later still cannot, i'll send using my gmail...

xingyi said...

ya... u can just send to my hotmail add... just right click on my msn nick and u can easily email me. If really really cannot send, then send to my gmail acct, I seldom check gmail, so try to send to hotmail first la. :D

xxoos said...

i sent already leh... didn't you receive?