Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lelong Lelong

Following the passing of my grandfather, the family decided to close down the shop and rent it out instead since no one wants to tend the shop, neither do anyone have the time and energy to do this everyday business thingie. Since the shop is due to be rented out, it means we have to clear everything left within, EVERYTHING. SO now, everything is being sold dirt cheap, because everything has to go. If no one buys it, we'll just throw it away in the end. Yup, and if the item is sold, it's gone forever, we're clearing stock so there's no way we'd be getting any replacement stuff.

The shop's located at 57 Serangoon Gardens Way. It sells all sorts of stuff, plates, pots, pans, vases, tea cups, mugs, household items.

These are the more expensive stuff, really nice large vases for decoration and ornamental purposes. They're considered to be collectors' items already.

These are my favourites! Wedding tea sets. There's the Double Happiness one, and the other is the Dragon and Phoenix one. It's very nice. haha~
The quality of these porcelain is also quite good, really well made, kept for a long time, and made to last. My parents and my aunts all said that they each have a set of those wedding tea sets.

A bit more stuff as can be seen in these pictures. The cheap items would be the plastic plates and bowls, tea cups and mugs people use in hawker centres and other eateries, the more expensive stuff would be the porcelain pieces and the antiques. All the sundries have to be sold off too, so come down and grab!

hai... Hopefully everything will go well. I hate this sort of family politicking and fighting for a slice of the pie and stuff like this, but well, family's a family after all.

yup~ All items whilst stock last, the sale will last until either all sold off or it's time to turn over the shop to the tenant, or some other reason that is not disclosed to me.


chillycraps said...

erm do you have those coffee shop porcelain cup? green colour that type..

wait a minute, are you advertising here?

xxoos said...


sort of la, erm... i tell you what we have there but you still have to make a trip down yourself. can take 73 or 136 from amk hub, stop at serangoon gardens circus.

chillycraps said...

you know, it's so full of treasure I think it's sad that it has to go.

EgGyBo! said...

lol.. u've got to see the shop to believe those pictures man.. It's like a mini museum in there..

xxoos said...

siuhang: ya, i also sad, but well...

aikhui: ya, we were digging behind the storeroom and it's really a treasure mine there, hidden under all the dust...