Thursday, June 14, 2007

Presents from Afar

You know when friends go overseas, then they'd ask you what do you want, would you really open your mouth and request for something? I would, well, if there's really something I want and it's not difficult to get. I managed to get tiedans from Taiwan before the Taiwanese stall opened in Marina Square from friends, but sometimes I was disappointed. I have been asking for a large sized canvas hanging poster of Wubai for the longest time from friends going to Taiwan, but until now no one managed to successfully source for one of those.

For me, I'm a lazy shopper, so I don't put in much effort to get for friends stuff they requested, and I also don't really expect much from the requests I made, so I don't really get too disappointed. In a repeated manner, these "Do you want anything from such and such place?" becomes much of a routine question people would ask, and I'd ask people. But somehow, because I love stuffs from all over the place, I still put in the effort to think of what stuff I want when people ask me that question.

Of course, I'm also not the kind who'd create difficulties to friends, I'm not that bad... haha~ When Terrence went to Shanghai, I really thought hard, but there wasn't anything convenient I wanted from Shanghai. I think the only thing I can possibly want is the xiaolongbaos, which would be impossible to be carried back to Singapore. I'm also not the donut fan, so no need for boxes of Krispy Kreme the usual folks would ask for.

Today, I struck goldmine with my requests, twice!

I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 8am by an SMS from Huijing who went for a Europe tour. She just got back. She bought my stuff for me! omg...

My Blackforest Ham!

I at first wasn't quite sure if she'd be going to the place I knew had the stuff I wanted. She described to me the place as a tourist attraction, in the Blackforest, lots of cuckoo clocks, I had guessed Titisee, but I wasn't sure, personally I had hoped that it would be Titisee because I knew that they sold vacuum packed hams there, so I requested what else but ham from the Blackforest. My favourite ham since my days living in Freiburg which was part of the Blackforest region. Indeed, Huijing went to Titisee, and managed to locate the ham and bought me one whole block of it!

If you look carefully at the picture, the block of ham is 0.756kg heavy, the price of the ham converted to Singapore dollars would be about $24. Compare that price to what I'm paying for for the ham in Singapore, $7+++ for 100g, and the ham is sold as far as I know, only in two places, the Swiss butchery and the German supermarket. But Huijing is kind enough to give me that block of ham, so Huijing, the next meal's on me~

Now the only problem left is how to I cut the ham up into slices. I was thinking of bringing it down to a butchery and see if they can help me slice it up, but it seems a bit weird because I'm not buying anything from them. I don't mind paying for their services though. dunno leh... Or maybe I can trying shaving the ham myself? haha~

After the success of getting Huijing to help me bring back the ham, I'm very tempted to ask Damien if he can help me buy the ham when he returns to Singapore. He's at Freiburg now... Lucky him~ hmm... Speaking of those group of people in Germany, I still haven't got an answer from my friend regarding the Elisabeth musical recordings, if there are any to be found. Maybe I should ask around more of the folks over there. wahaha~ I'm turning greedy.

Then to add icing to my already orgasmic day, Someone's friend who just came back from Japan managed to help me procure the Buck Tick CD I wanted. I can't find it in Singapore, they only have their single in the CD shops I've looked. I hadn't actually expected much to come out of this request, so I'm really very glad~ Seems like Someone must be good enough a person to have such a good friend to help look for the CD. haha~

So cool right? I just love old men doing rock~ haha...

I heard a couple of songs from the album, and it's really cool. I like the whole idea of a band making music rather than some producers synthesising music in a studio. And I really like the rough voices of the lead singer, very masculine, very charming. But maybe it's so late in the night, the longer I played the CD, the noisier I felt it became. haha~ Shall save it till day time to play~

I am such a happy girl~

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