Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blast from the Past

I've been holding back these pictures for quite some time because it took me this long to get my Photoshop installed, ya, I procrastinate, but well, look at these yummy photos. Yup, over the past couple of days I met up with some very old friends, okay, not old as in old per se but these very close friends whom I haven't met up with for the longest time.

Friends, it's not about how often you meet them, but what regard you have for them in your heart.

See, I even make it a point to photoshop all these photos into montages to make it look nice, and even hand scrawled comments all over. I don't do that for all my pictures, only the ones that mean most to me. Yup, so these are the pictures of the friends, food not included. haha~

As with all meet up with friends, we inadvertably end up at some food joint so that we can feed our tummies as we feed each other with the latest updates and the juiciest gossips, and Joan being Joan will definitely take lots of porny food pictures, but I'vee leave them to another day since the food deserves a post on it's own. And I'm too tired to describe all the food and I don't have the time to photoshop the food pictures, so I'll leave that to another day, okie?


at KBox

We had wanted to meet up for a K session for the longest time, but because of conflicting schedules, we postponed, rescheduled, and flew aeroplanes before we finally were able to meet up. It was quite a good deal as we sang for about 5+ hours, considering that there were only two of us, we managed to sing until we don't know what else to sing.

at Fish and Co

It seemed like everytime we met up for some sort of a meal, we'd end up at Fish and Co, especially if we were at Parkway. haha~ Maybe it's because Fish and Co is situated outside the building itself so it's presented as the most convenient location to us. But well, I'm not sick of it since the last time I ate Fish and Co was quite some time ago, with Huijing also. We shared these two platters as we wanted variety, and I think I should share stuff more often, can eat more stuff and won't get sick of any one item.


at Yum Cha

We had wanted to go watch movie one, but the tickets we sold out. Not knowing what to do, we ended up doing what we did best, eating. Jinwei had the coupons for the buffet, so we went down there to eat eat eat instead. For $15 per pax, this buffet is really worth it. Will blog about the food in another post though.

Jinwei is so funny lor. He's so worried about what I'd blog about him and keeps reminding me not to blog about this not to blog about that. He also doesn't let me put up the pictures we took, so I can only put up the pictures I took of him. Doesn't he look so shuai? If only he was taller and leaner, he can go join Star Search. Too bad he's too lazy to lose weight, can't help him regarding the height either. bah~ Really good to see him again, and catch up with him. After updating each other about our personal lives, it seemed like really a lot happened to the both of us. Wish him all the best in snagging that girl he likes~ Jiayou oh!


at Sushi Tei

It's been also a very long time since I met up with Victoria. The last time was the 4B gathering but we didn't really talk much, so this was the time when we caught up about our lives. A lot have changed to the both of us, a lot of have changed since the last time we updated each other, especially in terms of relationships. Talking about such stuff, I realised that the both of us have sort of the same views regarding men, or rather we'd treat the partners in about the same way, it's not really that good a thing, but well, it's just like that.

I miss the old friends, should make it a point to be more in touch with the old friends and constantly bug them. lol~

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