Friday, June 29, 2007

Why does this sound so wrong?

link: Should a gay teacher be allowed to teach in schools?

Please click on the above link and read the entire article, then sit back and think and don't you find that there's something seriously wrong with this whole situation?

I agree totally with the first paragraph "At first glance, the answer to the question above is obvious. A teacher’s sexuality belongs to a private realm, and has no bearing on his ability to teach. There have been no known instances, for example, where one’s sexual orientation has impaired one’s ability to prepare lessons or manage a classroom."

But why is that that some other people/bureaucracies don't think the same way as me?
Frankly, what's the difference between a gay man and a normal man?
What's the difference between a gay couple and a normal couple?
What's the difference two people?

And what's up with this two very idiotic questions?
"Have you considered that you might fall in love with a student?"
"Have you considered that you might fall in love with a male colleague?"

Sure, having a male teacher groping the boys in his class is a major crime, having a male teacher falling in love with a boy in his class is very seductive, but but but what is the difference of that with another male teacher groping the girls in his class, or that of a male teacher falling in love with a girl in his class and perhaps even marrying her after he graduate. I personally know of two teachers back in my secondary school whose wives were their students last time. If MOE can condone that, why is there a need to pose such questions?

And seriously, is there a difference between falling in love with a male colleague and falling in love with a female colleague? Everywhere there are colleagues screwing around with each other, sometimes in underground affairs and sometimes openly, some of those relationships ended up in a bitter split of the workplace, some of them ended up in a blissful union. So, what is the point in preventing two males getting hitched when there are many many many cases of male teachers opening wooing female teachers?

Really, I cannot understand how homosexuality can be considered as a medical disability.

Love is blind. Yes, cliched, I know.
Since young, we were brainwashed in thinking that all races live in peace and harmony, and we should not judge people based on their skin colour yada yada. Growing up, there are always judgements made upon us if we say thing like "I'm not daing a person from a different race" and the likes of it. So if love can transcend colour, why can't it transcend gender?

If colour doesn't make a difference in love,
if age doesn't make a difference in love,
if health doesn't make a difference in love,
if social standing doesn't make a difference in love,
if financial capability doesn't make a difference in love,
if whatever whatever all don't make a difference in love,
why is there the difference in gender?

Don't preach that it is wrong, or bring some superbeing into the picture because wrong is a moral judgement and in this case, the judge here is you and you alone, and your word alone can't stand. Don't bring in the superbeing nor his teachings because all religions are preached by humans, and in this case, it is this certain human that is making a moral judgement, and his word alone doesn't stand.

The only reason that I can think of about why some people and/or some groups of people are so against homosexuality is that they are ignorant about love, or ignorant and filled with extreme stereotypical images of gays.

Okay, I'm not a lesbian so I can't say for sure what goes through the mind of a homosexual, nor can I qualify anything about homosexuality, but I am a normal citizen, and I have my right to voice my opinion about stuff, and I have the right to feel a certain way about some issues, and this is my take on this issue.

Anyway, this particular incident sounds even more screwed up to me is the way this circumstance was handled. Everything was so arbitrarily handled that it makes me feel that that poor guy was so wronged and was screwed by this crappy bureaucracy.
"When he was in the army, he had asked both the Medical Officer as well as the psychiatrist he was referred to whether declaring himself a homosexual would affect his future prospects in the civil service. He was given full reassurance that the 302 classification (the military’s code for homosexual personnel) was the sole provenance of the Ministry of Defence, and was not a universal trans-ministerial category."

So, they can say one thing on one day and say another thing on another day. Ya, right, very helpful indeed, very assuring indeed.

Our society is becoming more and more polarised that I really don't understand how these two groups of vastly different people can survive together. On one hand due to the social development of our society, there has been a significant increase of in the GLBT population and the rising involvement of that circle in the wider society, but on the other hand, there is still this very anal group of people that strongly oppose a lot of things. So much so that I feel that our society is somewhat stuck in limbo. It's kind of a very sucky feeling being stuck somewhere not knowing what will happen, will the GLBTs take control and push forward for greater development or will the anal people emerge as victors.

Okay, being more objective, I can see the rationale behind some homophobes, like that they fear that they'd be hit on by people of the same gender, and they find that it'd be a weird and awkward feeling, or that they just love the attraction of the opposite gender too much. But what I cannot accept is that some anal people are using religion as an excuse to express their displeasure against the homosexuals. Our society is supposedly a religious tolerant country, I thought, so why bring in religion at this point in time? And more so, what has religion got to do with gender preference?

I long for a day when there can be a civil movement against gender discrimination just as there was one against race discrimination.


voxy said...

I read that article at an underground local gay portal... and it's very retarded to read that sexual preference and the ability to teach is relevant to each other, when clearly those are two very different, very distinct things.

And I even had a male Math teacher who was gay, with the limp wrist and careful dandy pronunciation. Everyone made fun of him. And made him cry. Aww.

xxoos said...

people's ignorance is quite sad.
but not all gays are the guniang types, quite a large number of them are pretty normal, only that they are unmarried (homosexual marriage still not legal here) and that they just happen to prefer someone of the same gender.