Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dong Dae Mun

Recently I've been infatuated over this Korean street snack stall in Vivocity Basement. I buy stuff, sausages especially, from them everytime I visit Vivocity. I love the food there so much that I've decided to dedicate one whole blog post to them and just rave on how much I love their food and how yummy it is.

Dong Dae Mun
(that's where all the other snack stall are)

dong dae mun

I first learnt of that stall when I browsed through the Vivocity Food Guide. I was looking for tasty and cheap food when I came across this stall. Street snacks are always cheap and good, and anything that's deep fried is certified delicious. Also, I've heard a lot from other international food blogs about the Korean crispy chicken craze which led to a sprouting of Seoul street food in America. After trying the food there first hand, I'm converted. It's really so good.

Before you think about Korean food, kimchi and more kimchi, let this be warned, this isn't the usual Korean food that we are exposed to, there is no kimchi, no spicy stuff even, this is about street snacks. There is nothing Korean about it, most of the stuff are appealing to the international foodies, but it's Korean in that these are the usual foodstuff sold on the streets in Seoul (I think).

For this blog post, I decided to pick the recommended stuff and some of the more common stuff and also my favourite stuff to highlight. They have a larger variety of food to choose from. Most of them come in sticks for easy eating, but there are also some rolls and stuff. All the food are refried after you choose what you want, so they're warm and yummy, although that also means that you need to wait for about 30s-1min for the food, but trust me, it's worth it.

Breaded Sausage
breaded sausage

It is a sausage with bread wrapped around it, the bread is that deep fried so that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and when eaten with the sausage, it's yummy. It's a bit like hot dogs in a hollowed bun just that this bun is totally wrapping the sausage and this bun is deep fried.

Chicken Cutlet
chicken cutlet

It's just like the Shihlin Street Snacks that XXXL chicken cutlet only that this is non-spicy, so if you ask this non-spicy stuff eater which she prefers, she's going to say Korea wins Taiwan. haha~ Being objective here, the size and the price between the two chicken cutlets are about the same, the difference is that this one here is more breaded than floured, so there is actually more meat in the cutlet. It is marked that Dong Dae Mun uses the thigh meat, so it's meatier than merely patty meat.

Breaded French Fry Sausage
breaded french fry sausage

This is their highly recommended signature snack. It's something like the breaded sausage from earlier but it has french fry bits stuck all over, so it's sausage in the centre wrapped around with dough and wrapping the dough is the french fry bits. It tastes like french fry with bread and sausage, very interesting. Seriously, the first time I saw that snack and the description, I didn't imagine that it would be like this, I didn't understand how can there be french fry and bread and sausage together in the same stick. It's really one very creative snack that I really like, but the pitfall is the high carbo content. Potato and dough, double the carbo.

Crispy Chicken
crispy chicken

Crispy Chicken on a stick, it's something like the Japanese Chicken Karage just that it's skewered on a stick. There are four pieces of chicken on the stick so it's a pretty long stick. Deep fried until very crispy, so it's very tasty. It's another of Dong Dae Mun's recommended items and also one which I would almost always have when I visit them.

Jumbo Sausage
jumbo sausage

My favourite sausage! This sausage is really good, one of the better sausages I've eaten, much better than Superdog, a nearby fast food restaurant selling American hot dogs. There's actually also the jumbo cheese sausage which is the jumbo sausage with cheese inside. I personally prefer the cheese one, but the normal one is also very nice and highly recommended. It's different from the other sausages used in the breaded sausages stuff in that this sausage has herbs in it giving a tastier flavour, and it's also bigger, fatter, juicier and yummier, of course. Really, I've eaten so many sausages from all over, I can taste a better sausage from a worse sausage well, and this is clearly the better ones.

Since these are street food, to maximise the flavour of the food, they must be eaten fresh off the oil/grill for them to taste their best. Highly recommended by Joan, so do try them out the next time you drop by Vivocity.


EgGyBo! said...

hey.. there's this german makan stall at PS near carl's jr (where the exit to the NEL station is). They sell sausages too!! haven't tried it yet though, you might want to give it a foodie review.

xxoos said...

i've tried it before, not very impressive.

EgGyBo! said...

ok.. guess I'll try it soon to find out..

xxoos said...

you want to go together? maybe next week or something...