Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What do you get when you put two girls at a scenic place with only a camera to share?
They entertain themselves by camwhoring!
Actually, I took most of the pictures, only those with my full body inside one then is Cindy helped to take.

Haven't met up with Cindy for the longest time already, think we haven't met up much during the semester because without a common module, it's difficult to arrange to meet, and with that girl starting work like soon, we don't have much time to meet up again next time. Will try la, but see how lor...

camwhoring at vivocity

It started with Cindy wanting to take some artistic pictures, but with us as models, we all want ourselves to look nice, and we ended up taking a lot of pictures. hahaha~

joan and cindy

Then of course, definitely, will have the big head pictures of us making all sorts of different faces.

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