Sunday, June 24, 2007

Into the Kitchen

I just dug out some pitures of food which I've made, just wanted to share. Ya, been so busy lately that I don't know what to blog about and end up having to merely post pictures of such stuff. But hey, these look good okay...

comfort food
Instant noodles with shrimp wanton

I love the CP shrimp wantons because it's so easy to prepare and it's so nice to eat. The prawns are really good and it doesn't taste like it's instant stuff, and there's like a whole big piece of it in there. Yummy~ I like to add the wantons into my instant noodles because instant noodles by itself is pretty boring and bland and of no nutrition at all. I'd just use the hot soup from cooking the wanton to add into my instant noodles and there is a 3min yummy meal done.

I like eating that at night, it warms up my stomach and cures my cravings for MSG and prawns, which are cravings I often have at night. haha~

scrambled eggs with ham
Scrambled eggs with blackforest ham

I wanted to fry my blackforest ham with something, like vegetables or some kind of stuff, but there wasn't any good ingredient I can think up of, so I fried it with egg. Eggs are the most versatile food, can fry it with any and everything. There's four eggs in that with a whole bunch of ham.

The great thing about frying the ham and the eggs together is that there isn't a need to add any condiments into the eggs, no need for salt and pepper because of the strong flavouring of the ham itself that rubs onto the eggs. And for the ham, the eggs gives a milder touch to the ham itself. It's quite a cool combination I should say.

BELT sandwich
Bacon Eggs Lettuce Tomatoes sandwich

This is the only piece out of this set that isn't prepared by myself. But it's still home made la, can tell from the amateurish look. I love bacon and eggs and I love sandwiches, and I need the greens in my meal, so the end product is this sandwich. erm, wait, if my memory serves me, I think I didn't eat this sandwich, I think I ate mine without the tomatoes. hahaha... Okay la, not bad. the eggs is actually egg salad eggs with fried bacon. Nice and yummy and well balanced.

pan fried lemon dory
Pan-fried lemon dory

Improvising from a dory recipe from a friend, I added in the lemon component to make this dish somewhat nicer, also to remove all remaining fishy taste from the fish due to my neligence in cleaning up fishes. Lemons are really handy because they can get rid of all nasty taste and make everything more edible

From that recipe, I further improvised to create this next dish which was tastier and nicer and better than the pan fried version.

baked lemon dory
Baked lemon dory with cherry tomatoes

It might also be because that this fish was a higher quality fish so the taste might be better, but I think the baking method of cooking also improves the taste of the fish no thanks to my not so good frying skills. Baking is so much easier, just dump the fish into the oven and wait, and in the meantime I can do something else. haha~ Also, with the addition of the cherry tomatoes, other than the sour of the lemons, there's also a tinge of sweetness from the cherry tomatoes. Eating the cherry tomatoes with the dory made the dory taste fresher and more succulent.

I plan to experiment this recipe on other types of fishes, depending on what they have at NTUC. It's quite an easy way to eat nice food.


EgGyBo! said...

u bully Someone.. so bad.. haz..

xxoos said...

where got???
i cooked most of those food lor...

EgGyBo! said...

i was referring to the twitter post la.. haz.. why ur bags need to handwash? cannot throw into washing machine meh?

xxoos said...

ohh... but i got give him a treat in appreciation also la... and got prepare those food also...

erm... cos my bags are precious? haha... also got some hats also, don't know what material, so handwash safer...