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I know this series have ended for quite some time already, but it took me till now to get about watching it, and my god, this has to be the best drama series ever.

Heroes is about a group of people with special abilities due to some form of genetic differences. Somehow or another, these seemingly different people who come from different walks of lives are linked to each other in a web of intrigue. Then there's the bad guy who wants to kill them all and get their powers for his own use. Then there are one or two other organisations who don't seem to be quite friendly, but also don't seem to be enemies, their motives unclear to the heroes.

After I watched the first episode, I went to spoil myself with all the spoilers found in this website then somehow, the show didn't seem that intriguing to me anymore, and I was quite disappointed with it because I had really high expectations after all the glowing reviews. But after watched a few more episodes, I was more and more drawn into the Heroes world. It became more and more interesting that even the spoilers can't manage to describe it well in words, and I have to watch it for myself to understand and to see for myself.

The thing amazing about season one of Heroes is that the plot for the season is wrapped up and most questions are answered, but there is still a lot of room for development, especially with regard to the organisation(s) involved in the research of the heroes, and the first generation of heroes, and the other characters in general too. So, this means more of Heroes to come up in the future!

When the creator of Heroes first started out with this idea, he had wanted the cast to keep changing, people die, people disappear, new people come in, but there's this magic about this relatively unknown cast of people that made the viewers fall in love with them that the creator decided to bring them all back for the next season.

There's a charm to these actors that I feel makes their characters very real. They're all very goo actors and between them they share this rapport that I think will only grow as the season extends. Even the young actors are amazing in the show. Maybe also many of the characters are grey characters and almost normal people like that makes them even more endearing to the viewership. People see them as normal people around themselves, and perhaps in a way, we do have some sort of an intention in wanting ourselves to be like them. To one day find out that we have some kind of special ability and that we are special.

My favourite character is Peter Petrelli. He's a sensitive and caring guy who relies on his brother and family a lot, and truly cares for the people around him, and the larger world he lives in and goes a long way to help everyone out. I also like him because of his special ability, it's the coolest one out there yet, he has the ability to mimic other people's abilities, so that means what other heroes can do, he can do it too. As of yet, Peter can fly, paint the future, stop time, regenerate, control objects, read people's minds, become invisible, manipulate radiation, and have superhuman strength. And the list of what he can do can still grow.

I'm so looking forward to the next season if so just to see what more Peter can do and will be able to do.

Another of my favourite hero is Hiro Nakamura, incidentally hero and Hiro sounds the same, haha~ He's so cute, that he's so loveable. At first I didn't think much of this hero because he was fat, and looks a bit nerdy, but after watching his portrayal of Hiro, he's just so innocent and motivated and kind hearted that he's so cute. Much of the show has him speaking in Japanese but there are English subtitles whenever he speaks and I find this great. It's more convincing to have him speaking in Japanese rather than English even though the actor is well versed in English.

I was just wiki-ing around and I came across the actor's wiki page and I read his credentials. He's absolutely amazing man. He's more than just a mere Japanese-American actor, he's a computer programmer for George Lucas' production company and he did so many high profile major motion pictures before, and he has an IQ of more than 180, which is like, wowowow...

My other favourite hero is Claire Bennet, the 16 year old cheerleader who has the power to regenerate. Claire is a sweet young girl and is generally a nice person though not infallible. She worries too much and has little trust in person after she found out that everyone's been lying to her, and with the teen angst in her, she might come across and somewhat more rash to put the larger picture into consideration. If there was one single superpower that is the coolest, that would be hers. She can regenerate, or in her own words, she can regrow her kidney. Although I don't think that it's that practical a special ability for a normal school going person, but it'd be the most useful one if you're away fighting supervillians.

She's basically indestructible, but that also means that her power is the most worth taking away by the supervillian and that her life is in danger. But because of her coming into contact with Peter, that also means that Peter is indestructible too. One good thing to come out of her superpowers.

Another of the characters whom I've a very big soft spot for is this guy.

He even has his own website Vote for Nathan Petrelli for Congress in a tie in with the show to make it look like his campaign is so real. It's part of the Heroes 360 Experience thingie, I'm still not very sure what it's about.

I like Nathan because even though some of his moral decisions might be a bit shady, I still think that he's a good man, and cares for his family a lot, especially his brother. A very standard grey character that I like a lot. Not just that, his whole Congress thingie adds quite a lot of power to his charm, or should it be add a lot of charm to his power. haha~ I like~

I can't wait for the next season to start! I want to know what will happen to Peter and Nathan especially that it is said that the both of them have already signed on as regulars for the next season, so ***spoilers*** they will be back~


voxy said...

Why does this post engross me like a lollipop?

HIRO FOR THE WIN! And that blonde who is not Claire! YEAH.

xxoos said...

haha... the other blonde, niki sanders?

voxy said...

I think Niki is a hot booty. Do you not agree? Her eyebags tell a story.

xxoos said...

haha, i agree, she packs a punch. lol~

Cyn said...

i missed alot of episodes on scv.. where u watch it de? i was actually thinking of renting the dvd when it comes out.. coz online dun ahf the vids leh..

xxoos said...

i've the videos, can lend you copy, then don't need rent le...