Saturday, June 09, 2007

Will I Be Able To Graduate?

After the release of the time table for European Studies modules, I pored over it for a couple of hours before I realised, dang shit, I do not have enough modules to do if I want to graduate in time. In a scurry of emails seeking advice from Prof Turner and Prof Farrell, somewhere between those I tried to sort out the problem to see if it was solvable. Then along with that flurry of emails, I received my grades for this semester in the mail, and realised that I'm 16MCs short, which means that my SEP credits have yet been transferred. In disgust, I made a couple of phone calls here there everywhere to the Dean's Office and the Registrar's Office to get hold of somebody, some physical person to help me see what can be done.

Amazing shit! How I can be easily screwed left right centre by some weird administrative system.

In a nutshell, examining the next academic year's timetable, I'd HAVE TO be doing the following modules:
(for Semester 1)
- EU3212 Europe of the Dictators (no complains here, since this is the module I have been wanting to do ever since forever)
- EU4214 Special Paper in Modern European History [Political Leadership and the Fate of Modern Britain: From Attlee to Blair (1945-2001)] (I've marked it down to do it, so no complains here either)
- EU4228 European Foreign Policy (it's another possible module even though I had yet to do the two Reuben Wong's modules I wanted to do, Politics of Contemporary Europe and EU and ASEAN in the World)
- HY4101 Historiography and Historical Method (I hadn't wanted to do it, but seems like I'd be forced to do it, but it's still okay I guess)
(for Semester 2)
- EU4224 War and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe (I want to do this)
- EU4226 Imperialism and Empires (I want to do this too)

The problem now is that I can do only 6 modules when I NEED to complete 8 to graduate, the other two modules I'm lacking are the two dumb cross-faculty modules. I absofuckinglutely abhor the idea of doing crossfacs. Anyway, the problem now lies with me missing two EU modules. Preferably two level 2000 modules since I've done more than the minimum of 5 level 3000 and 7 level 4000 modules required. One thing good about EU is that the minimum number of level 4000 modules is 7 instead of the usual 8 in most other departments, but anyway, it doesn't really matter anymore in my context because there is not enough lower level modules for me to do.

After the discussion with Prof Farrell, the best out of the worst circumstance that I'm in now is for me to do ISM and a lower level PH module PH2207 Hume and Kant. But Prof Turner on the other hand mentioned a possibility of there being the module EU and ASEAN in the World, so if there is really EU and ASEAN, then there would not be a need for me to do ISM. Then again, I must think of how much is it that I would like to do ISM and how would it benefit me. As much as ISM allows me greater flexibility, I'm unmotivated and probably will end up way behind deadlines, and that would suck. However, I can always get my personal secretary to help me with the remembering of deadlines, and possibly to help me to much of the collation stuff and boring nitty gritty stuff, leaving me to do the research and learning in great peace. Oh well, I guess I'll have to check out how would it be regarding the EU and ASEAN module, and if I can come up with an interesting topic and get a nice sup to help me.

Anyway, my timetable is sort of already planned out for the next academic year with me doing four EU modules in each semester and the crossfac modules in each too. Looking at the modules and checking around with friends, there is a very high possibility of me being able to do all my modules with at least somebody I know personally. *cross my fingers that things will work out neatly* Same for the second semester.

The only trouble is that for Sem 1 I'll be saying goodbye to a three day week. I already have a four day week with four modules each occupying a different day. And worse is that there are two 9am days. Maybe I need to get my daddie to send me to school. Hopefully by then the arts canteen would be ready then I can go have beehoon for breakfast, or maybe make it for the McDees breakfast. Can pull Someone to come down to school early, well, he has to, at least for one of those days, since he's also doing one of those modules. haha... I am so evil. oh crap, karma's biting me in the butt now, I'm feeling so hungry just thinking about have breakfast.

Sem 2 sounds like a nicer timetable because two modules fall on the same day, but it sounds very shiong. 9am-12nn War and Diplomacy, then 2pm-5pm Imperialism and Empires, so effectively i'll be dying in history seminars for the whole day. And if inclusive of lunch, it's a 9-5 thingie! Someone will have to bear the brunt of me getting cranky and restless on a so certainly not TGIF day. The only thing interesting about Sem 2 are the field trips Farrell mentioned for his module. wahaha~ Can go overseas on field trips, even though it's only as far out as across the causeway, but then, can fly over the seas to East Malaysia also, so that's a slight bit more interesting. haha~

Hopefully over the next two semesters, with one more S/U in my cache, and no more pulling my CAP down language modules, I can work and pull up my CAP. And graduate in time. Farrell says my priorities are wrong, I should be worrying about graduation before I worry about my CAP, but well... bah~ Okay, maybe it's because it's totally out of the question for me to extend a semester since there are no modules which I can do in AY 2008/9 Sem 1, nor Sem 2, so I can't pull a Terrence and extend semesters and not graduate. haha~

All these planned forth, and *cross my fingers* that my SEP transfer of credits get through. I still can't believe that when there was a problem, no one contacted me to settle the problem, and I needed to wait till I found out about the lack of initiative that something gets done. *pulls hair*

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