Friday, July 06, 2007

Friends and Family

Okay, it's not so much of friends per se, but a friend in particular, JASMINE! And my little sister. Haven't been talking much about her lately, so a couple of pictures here to reiterate her existence in my pathetic life. haha~

meeting up with jasmine

Jasmine just returned from her exchange programme in Edinbourgh and I managed to snag a slot to meet up with her. There was supposed to be another girls' outing the next day but I had to give it a miss because I had something else on, so the only way to meet up with this girl was to arrange for another time. And we just had to shop. haha~ It was the last friday of the month, and we were going to town, so we had extended shopping hours! My sister tagged along because she wanted to shop, and she was complaining that the term "midnight shopping" is highly misleading because the shops closed at midnight.

I think late night shopping should be extended to like all weekends, every friday and saturday and extended to more shopping malls because based on the number of people in town that day, I think there is a high demand for late night shopping. There were still throngs of people shopping even though some shops were already closed, but looking at the number of people in the remaining shops, it seemed like the crowd didn't disperse when shops closed, but they merely made their way to the remaining opened shops. And even when the clock struck midnight and the remaining shops were closing, it took a great deal of effort to get all the shoppers out of the shops.

Speaking of Jasmine, I just got hold of a couple of photos from Shuhui the other day which was from Jasmine's 21st birthday party last year.
jasmine's birthday party

Much have happened, Jasmine went on exchange and back. Nothing much happened to me even though I did have stuff that I updated the girl about that excited her a great deal. The next year up will be quite a tough one for all of us with honours year looming and a lot of stuff to do and we'll probably get swamped with work work work.

My sister on the other hand, spent her summer in the rurals of Cambodia helping build a well and kena stung by godknowswhat bugs. Then the rest of her holidays was spent studying for her June Common Tests, now that the tests are over, she's preparing to welcome a immersion student in our household. For about two weeks, this Taiwanese girl will stay with us in our house! Quite exciting, especially myself having spent four weeks with a host family in Freiburg. My sister's hoping that the girl would be a fan of Jolin Tsai or Luo Zhixiang, so that they can gush about the Taiwanese celebs together.

My sister.
my sister

This picture was taken just after she came back from Cambodia. She was damn funny. Asked if she took many pictures during her stay there, she replied that she was lazy to take pictures so there were only sporadic pictures from the first couple of days. When asked about the rest of the days, she said that a friend of hers saw that she had a camera but seldom took pictures with it and grabbed the camera from her and started taking loads of pictures for her. hahaha~ I also want this kind of friend leh, then I don't need worry that I don't turn up in my own photos.

I also feel like taking an aeroplane and just fly to somewhere and eat and relax.
Anyone care to sponsor me?


EgGyBo! said...

take a pen and sign on the line.. den can go on 20 min cruise to a chalet with free food and free lodging..

xxoos said...

yah, right

Jasmine said...

hiya babe! it was really fun reading your post (though i must say i'm horrified by all my unglam photos that u've put up.. you're lookin cute though!). i had alot of fun catching up with you that friday! hopefully, we can do it again soon! enjoy union camp!

xxoos said...

you are not unglam la!
you're so cute lor~