Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love Wubai


If not for the fact that he is already married, I'd have flown to Taiwan and marry him man. He's so manly yet so gentle, what more can a girl want?

Yup~ I'm currently watch Wu Bai on Da Xiao S Chi on Crunchyroll. Spot my comment there, I love Wubai! I love him even more~ I mean what more can girl love than a strong manly guy who's so gentle, and he cooks! He cooks "six and a half days a week" and has his own range of cooking equipment that makes me so envious, then get this, he has his own dou ban jiang. wow~

And isn't he so cute when the Big S and Small S make fun of him and jibe him and all he can do is turn shy and red and stifle an embarassed laughter. Everytime he does that I'd have this urge to just jump over and hug him. He so cute!!! Big S and Small S were repeating "tie han tie han" in front of him and he was so embarassed by it and he was trying to keep himself from laughing, omg... *Joan turns into fangirl mode*

And he's so shuai to turn up in a classic all black outfit and in adidas (wah... I'm loving him more with each passing minute) sneakers, and shades! Wahaha~ I just love him in shades, it's the epitome of shuainess. The two Ses were asking him if he buys his own groceries, and he was like, yes, but he goes to the supermarket instead of a market. Then they asked him, jokingly of course, if he carries his own basket, then he answered seriously and truthfully that he pushes a trolley instead. Then they ask him if he wears shades when cooking. hahaha~

I love Wubai~

Okay, from now on I'll watch and give a 'live' account of what I'm watching...

The two hosts prepared a fan for Wubai so that his hair can flutter in the wind just like how his hair always flutter in the wind during his concerts. hahaha~ And Wubai even gamely posed for the image in front of the fan with the wind blowing his hair. This just reminds me why I love guys with shoulder length hair, not too long, but there's some locks to play with, and it's so damn shuai shuai shuai~~~ Okay, maybe it's not all the guys with shoulder length hair that I like or I find shuai but only Wubai Laoshi. wahaha~

He's so cute when he starts cooking. He's one bunch of a nerves, so nervous with the Big S and Small S chattering around him. He goes "bu dui bu dui" every two seconds and forgets this and forgets that and the two S still keep asking him "shen me bu dui?" "wo jue de hai ok" making him a bigger bunch of nerves. He's so cute, seeing a big guy like him so flustered and everything. I want to hug him!

His first dish is a salad called "ni shi wo de sa la" which is obviously a pun of his song, but never mind that, it's still funny. Then Small S asked him why does he like eating salad, he went over and whispered in her ear that it's because he's too fat. omg... He whispered. hahaha~ He's so cute. I'm like almost hyperventilating from an overdose of Wubai-ness. Then Small S went on and poked fun of him and China Blue saying that Wubai is not fat, in relation to China Blue, there is still another one fatter than him. Then when asked if he was on diet at present, he replied that presently he's preparing the vegetables. Wah kauz...


On Small S's singing
wah lau... And he say it in that embarassed that matter of fact tone.
And he had a concert on June 23 in Taiwan. Not fair not fair, I want him to come to Singapore again~

Small S is so funny la... She's the one who comes up with most of the witty lines and does all the crackpot jokes and the funny actions. She even wants Wubai to execute some weird wrestling stunt on her, and she's pregnant. wah lau eh... Three months pregnant and still want to do this kind of stuff. Even Big S was like do on her or she do on Small S but Small S still insist on Wubai doing it on her.

Small S started probing him about his cooking for his family and if he'd want his significant other to like to cook too or if he cooks for her.
Then he drops the bombshell "家里只有我一个人啊!"
Small S was so stunned and bewildered then she ran over to Big S's side and they started giving each other weird stares. Then there was the words superimposed on the screen "他不是结婚了吗?"

Tabloid news: (actually I think only I'm interested in it)
Wubai is not smelly at all!
Small S was saying that once they filmed some show together and Wubai was all hot and sweaty but he was not smelly at all. Wubai also said that he realised that he's not smelly and when asked who was the smelliest in his band, he revealled that it was Dino. haha~ Imagine a hot and sweaty guy so erotic, but not smelly at all, wah~

He danced that ni shi wo de hua duo that dance! And the Small S was so funny, she kept making him dance livelier. Then he found this pair of cooking gloves very cute and started playing with it like a puppet when Small S made him dance the hua duo dance with the gloves. And he looked totally cute like that lor. It wasn't guniang, nor was it weird, with his embarassed smile and shy face, it made the whole dance cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. And remember that remark about Dino just now, it turns out that Dino was also on the set. wah... And he was dancing with Wubai and the two Ses also, just that he was somewhat off the camera.

And he kept the CDs and concert tickets he wanted to give to the two hosts inside his cooking wok as a surprise. wah... So creative lor~ The CD was his latest compilation CD I saw at HMV this afternoon. And just last night I dreamt of Wubai. In retrospect I think that my dream was very insightful, it seemed to be telling me that I'd be seeing more of Wubai, and just nice right that day I saw his latest album in the records store, and now I'm watching him on this variety programme.

Another tabloid news:
Wubai says he wants to have kids! erm... Think it sounds quite weird because apparently his wife is very much older than him so don't know if she's still capable of bearing kids anot. But if not, wahahahaha~ Opens up the possibility of hehehe... Oh God, I should tone down my fangirlness a bit if not Someone will get jealous. oops~

Oh, that's the end of the episode already. The food don't seem to be very appetising, salad and a mapo toufu macaroni. Small S hates vegetables and milk, but Dino seems to be very hungry that he's gobbling up the food. Wubai is weird~ He's got a weird taste.

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