Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Want To Buy This

I don't know why my pocket's been pretty tight this month and half the month's not even gone yet (ya, I get my allowance mid-month). It's so weird how money keeps disappearing, $10s can just disappear within the day, and by the end of the week some $50s can just be wasted away on most probably food, food, my biggest enemy, make me poor and make me fat. grr... I've been trying to ration the remaining of my allowance hoping that I can stretch my dollar as far as possible, and usually, I'd be able to do so. However, this bloody thing came in the mail.

body shop flyer
Thank you Body Shop on your promotion of the Tea Tree Oil range of product, thank you very much.

Before this came in my mailer, I already made a list of things I need and want from Body Shop.
Things I need:
- Oceanus Bubble Bath
- Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash
Things I want:
- Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion (new product!)
- mascara

I planned to put off buying these stuff until probably next month because I'm severely lack of funds now, but but but there's the promotion from 2-22 August. See the words "25% off" and "FREE"??? Those are words that make my heart soften as much as the Body Shop wonderful ladies saying "Do you want to top up to $xx so that you can get a free gift worth $xx/get another chop?"

Since I already need to buy a Tea Tree Oil product, the facial wash, I can make use of this opportunity to get the blemish fade night lotion at 25% off, it's sort of like saving money isn't it? I'm currently using the blemish gel which says it's for occasional blemishes so I don't think it works very well on me since I've regular blemishes, and this night lotion seems to be just the thing I am looking for to zap those spots off the face. I want to try! I was at the Body Shop counter the other day and tested the lotion, it seems quite nice and easy to apply and it's quite a sizable amount.

Then because I also need to get several more products so, why not just purchase $80 worth of stuff and get that free gift worth $49.90? I've already bought so much worth of Body Shop products that I've got TWO different gift sets free from the last two promotions in the span of like just a couple of months. I've since then given away the Grapefruit gift set to my sister's Taiwanese buddy (damn! I should get my sister to reimburse me sia) and used more than half of the stuff from the make up gift set. I want another gift set~ Actually I've been given this gift set free before, maybe a couple of years before from another promotion. haha~ I'm such a sucker.

But then, I foresee yet another problem. If I purchase $80+ worth of stuff, then I'd be so tempted by the salesgirls when they as if I want to top up my purchase to $90 to get another chop. wahaha~ Why is Body Shop sucking away my money just like that in ein Augenblick?!!

I think I can count for Body Shop's most loyal customer already, with my continued spending with them, and the yearly free renewals of my STAR LOYALTY card because I simply just have spent too much with them. If I'm keeping with with my purchases like this, I don't think there'd be any problem with me hitting the minimum spending to get the free renewal next year. And 1/6 of the year hasn't even passed...

I need to save up to buy these things to make me pretty. I need to cut down on my eating so that I can have more cash on hand, and also to lose some weight so that I can become pretty. I want to become pretty. hai... All the perils about being a woman, ya woman, no more a girl, no more youth being on my side. *sad*

Anyone care to sponsor or willing to donate to this poor old woman?


EgGyBo! said...

aiyo.. thank God that I'm not a woman or a metro-sexual or some ah-kua. I can save $$ on these kind of things..

xxoos said...

haha... is that supposed to be comforting?