Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Dream

I had this vivid dream two nights ago which still remains floating in my mind until now. The circumstance which I had this dream wasn't something out of the ordinary, it was just another normal day, and I wasn't really thinking about the said character who was the subject of the dream, so I thought it was a bit weird that he would suddenly pop into my dreams.

A bit on the background of this subject character. He isn't a friend per se, maybe I was did treat him like a friend, but we never met, our friendship was limited to within the web even though he said that he once saw me around school but he hadn't greeted me. Because of a longstanding series of misunderstandings, we had a couple of heated exchanges and once the misunderstanding was so bad that we stopped communicating hencetherefore. I would still like to treat him as a friend but somehow the mounted misunderstandings seems to be too great to be overcome. Lest not forget, he's also that guy who propositioned me, yup, after that we still had a couple of exchanges, the misunderstanding who caused us to drift apart was about something else.

Anyway, on with the dream. I dream that he had a girlfriend, but I didn't know about it because it was quite a recent affair. I chanced upon their relationship because I got to know the girl, his girlfriend, because of some reason or another not stated in the dream. Of course, there's probably no such girl in real life.

That girl was small, as in short and petite, young-looking with and innocent charm in her, I couldn't tell her age, but she didn't feel to be that young, just youthful looking and appeared to be younger than her real age. But when I first met her, I thought of her to be a young girl who needs to be protected. Somehow, she just touched the maternal instincts of me, which made me want to care for her like a mother caring for her child.

I started talking to her and somehow her relationship just came out like that I knew the whole story, well, almost the whole story. I withheld telling her my relationship with him and just continue to prod her about her relationship with him. She being the shy girl was first very reluctant to reveal much, but after insistent probing and cajoling, she said that the status of their relationship is intimate.

I took that very seriously and started talking to her about all the protective measures a girl must hold over a guy and kept telling her that if anything goes wrong, she must say it out. She then comforted me by saying that whatever she did or she would allow him to do to her would be of her consent, definitely.

That stopped me in my tracks. Who was I to instruct her what she should or should not do? After all this was their relationship, and since I don't know both of them well, and I don't know the nature of their relationship, I shouldn't say anything about it. I was too clouded by my biasness against that guy that I became too worked up and highly insistent. Then I thought about myself, all the more I've no right to be lecturing on protective measures against the men since I am one of those naive chicks myself. My words carry no weight at all, and neither is it very much convincing.

Just because I think that he's too sexually indulgent I shouldn't negate the possibility that he would be a good boyfriend. All the more, I was the one who insisted that he find a proper girlfriend so that he could be less indulgent and have a more healthy sex life, so I really shouldn't have questioned about their intimate relationship at all.

With that the dream ended. It's quite seldom that I have dreams that resolve themselves because most of my dreams tend to leave my dangled in the air. In a way, I'm more thankful that there was a resolve in the dream and I managed to sort out all of the thoughts within the dream itself.

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