Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Photos

I haven't been blogging much because life has become somewhat stagnated for me. I've been going out quite a bit, and addicted to a handphone game called Jewel Quest II, but the problem is that the handphone doesn't belong to me, so in order to play that game, I've to go out and meet the said person whose handphone has that game.

haunted house ghosts
How many people can you spot in this picture?
(left click and drag the cursor across the blank space to read the answer)
There's actually 6 people, there's one on the leftmost side somewhat obscured in the darkness. The one to the left of me is not a person but a styrofoam head.
Can you spot which one is me? We look all the same after the same white face paint with the red blood like stuff all over.
This was taken during the Fright Night/Night Scramble of Union Camp 07.

joan ang etched
It's me doing stupid things again.
I was fiddling with my metal earpick the other day before I went to get my hair cut and decided that my shin provides a very good canvas for etching my name. This was actually my second attempt that day. I first tried on my the other leg, writing my name, and writing some words and drawing some pictures, but it was quite ugly. Wanting to be sadistic and take a picture of my wonderful artpiece, I decided to make use of my other shin and wrote neatly and nicely another version of my name. Yes, I am masochistic, thank you very much.

I showed them to my mother after completing that masterpiece, half expecting my mother to scold me for hurting myself as what she used to do when I was a kid, but instead all she said was "See la, your legs so dry, you haven't been moisturising them." I guess this is the difference when one grows old. Oh well... Anyway, the etchings didn't fade off the whole day, and they were so obvious that my hairdresser actually spotted them and asked me about it. So paiseh la, I'm supposed to be all grown up le and I still do childish things like this. hahaha~

joan simpson and family
I realised that EVERYONE has a picture of themselves and the Simpsons. Not to be outdone, I went and took a picture of myself too and like everyone else, post them in my blog too. It's sort of like becoming a photo meme already.

Me sporting my new haircut, well, not exactly a new hairstyle, but it is a new length of hair for me for since a year ago, and very coincidentally I was wearing yellow! It's actually my sister's tee, I'm wearing a lot of my sister's tees recently. I didn't realise this until after uploading the picture that my skirt is so short~ wahaha... But my legs don't look too bad despite all the weight I gained, haha. Yup, I'm proud to say, I didn't do any photoshopping to the picture other than resizing it and adding the words. lalala~

id photo
I took a passport sized photo in a photobooth the other day because I needed to use it to submit some application stuff.

It's quite an interesting experience, okay, I'm going to be a suaku and say this because this is the only time in my memory that I actually have a passport photo taken in a photobooth, other times I had taken in photo shops where I sit down and a person manually takes a polaroid photo of me, or takes a film photo of me. Anyway, I sat there, and tried to look into some circle thingie, sort of like taken neoprints, only that I had to make sure than my bangs stayed away from my eyes and that was quite a feat. There was only two chances to take the correct picture, and the time between the two shots were quite fast and I wasn't fully prepared.

This was the second attempt because the first one saw my hair covering my eye. I think I look fat in this picture. It's like the hair giving my face more volume, or rather, the hair and the round face together combining creates the volumous shape of my whole look. My gaze looks a bit stoned and my smile looks damn forced. bah~ But at least it still looks better than most people's ID photos, I think. I don't know why but most people have very ugly pictures on their identification cards and other photo id cards. I absolutely cannot stand that.

Okay, I shall end this very random post with a very random camwhoring picture of myself. It's been a long time since I camwhored, especially since my face grew rounder and I look fatter, no, and I became fatter.
three joans

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