Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My New Sausage Blog

Hi all, I've a new blog!


It's a blog solely about sausages, the sausages that I'm consuming, and everything I think of about this very interesting, very yummilicious, one of my very favourite food. Please go visit it, especially if you have enjoyed all my foodie posts. This sausage blog have high picture content, and I can guarantee the quality of the pictures.

Introduction to the new blog
NUS Bizad Canteen Western Stall
GoGo Franks
and many many more to come, so save the link of it and come by often and do drop some comments to recommend places to eat, and/or jio me out to munch on sausages!

Yes, I'm very excited to carry out this project, and I'll be commited to maintaining this project, and hopefully one day I'll finish eating ALL the sausages sold in Singapore. haha~

Watch that space!

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Steve Chastain said...

I'd like to recommend a website,, its the premier Sausage festival in the USA. They give out the Da Vinci Sausage award for the best sausage recipe of the year.