Sunday, August 19, 2007

Personality Test

My sister just came home and asked me a series of questions, she said that the test was very accurate on her, but as she was asking me the questions and hearing my answers, she concluded that the test was not true on me.

The test as follows:
You walk into a forest along a mud path. In the darkness, you see an animal among the bushes, what is that animal you see? It can be any animal.
Then you continue walking until you hear a rustling sound, what animal can you see coming from behind the leaves?
After walking for some time, you see a river with a bridge across. On a scale of one to ten, what is the speed of the river flowing?
After crossing the river, you come across a deserted house. You knock and enter the house, there is nobody inside. The first thing you see is a table, what shape is it?
How many chairs accompanies the table?
On top of the table you see a chandeliar. How many candles does it hold?
How many candles are lighted? Or how many candles do you light up?
You walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. You see a jug of water. You put it on the table. What material is the jug made of?
How full is the jug of water?
You walk out of the house and see a sky full of stars. What are your first three thoughts/feelings?
You fall asleep and wake up on a deserted island. What is the first thing you say/exclaim?

The first animal I said I saw was a deer because that seemed like a normal animal, and of course I didn't want to think of any animal that might possibly be dangerous, sekali it come and attack me. The first animal that you see is supposed to be your significant other.

The second animal I said I saw was a rabbit. I don't know why I thought of a rabbit, but that was the first thing I thought of. Hunting in the forest, deers and rabbits sounds normal and abundant. That second animal is supposed to signify yourself, which was when my sister started saying that this test is not accurate for me. *thanks hor*

The speed of the river I said was at 7. I had wanted to say 10 because in my mind I pictured the river to be flowing very fast, but I didn't want to say 10 because I was afraid that the bridge would break then I'd definitely cannot make it, so I said 7. The speed of the river is supposed to signify your sex drive. erm...

The shape of the table I pictured in my mind was a big round table, circular shaped. The shape of the table is supposed to represent how fexible you are. If the table is square or rectangle or something angular then it means that you are not flexible, but rounded tables are more fexlible. erm... Ya, even my sister says that I'm not a very flexible person. Then since I was thinking of a big round table like the banquet kind, so I said that my table has 10 chairs around it. My sister was like "so many?" Apparently it's supposed to stand for how many close friends you have. hmm... I have 10 close friends?

Then since I was picturing a banquet table, I also imagined a very grand chandeliar. So I said that mine had 500 candles and all was lit up. Apparently my sister said that the candles that lit up signify you generousity. At that juncture was sister was spasming with laughter and disbelief. Ya, I'm not a very generous person, self-centred and selfish and indulgent are more apt words to describe me. haha~

I had a glass jug filled full with water. The material of the jug represents your heart in a relationship, how fragile it is. The water level of the jug signifies your commitment level in the relationship. erm... Those who know me should know that I've a very big problem with commitments. oops...

On seeing the stars, I thought about nothing much in particular, only some pretty mundane stuff like "wah, so pretty", "wah, so many stars", "wah, it's so windy tonight". erm... It is supposed that the three things that you think about are the things that you think are the most important things to you at this present moment. erm... So is it true that at this juncture in my life, nothing at all is important to me?

Waking up the first thing to find myself at a deserted island, my first thought was "oh, shit!" My sister spasmed with laughter again. She said that that's the first thing you'd think about after the first time you have sex. Oh... So I'm supposed to go "oh, shit!"? Like in the sense of what? "Did you remember to put on the condoms?" or "We forgot about the protection measures." Holy crap...

Yup, is this personality test true for you?

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