Sunday, August 26, 2007

Year 4's No Joke

I'm dying.

Face it, I'm really dying from school work and it's only heading into the third week of school tomorrow. Year 4's been really crazy, crazy. I don't have time to read my daily dosage of blogs much less to blog. I don't even have time to sleep much less to blog. I don't even have time to slack much less to blog. I don't even have time to do my work and I don't even know why am I even writing this blog entry now.

My daily routine now is wake up, bathe, go to school, school, come back from school, check emails, check IVLE, go sleep. And I don't even get 7 hours of sleep each day! Most of the time is spent in school, printing readings, trying to read, going for classes don't even constitute too much time. To think that I still thought that school would be a breeze now that I've ridded of my commitment to German. I've only 15 hours of lesson a week, compared to a few more hours put into German, and I don't have the need to study for something I'm clueless about. But the three level 4000 and one level 3000 modules are enough to kill me already.

For the level 4000 modules there are presentations and readings to be done on a very regular basis, and there's no way I can don't read them. And the 3000 module is also quite shiong. hai... Luckily I still have one slack module, but it's non-examinable so I still need to piah for the tests if I want to pull my CAP up.

I'm slated for presentations for one of my modules soon, so that means that I need to start early, I'm less than 10 days away from the deadline and I'm knee deep in shit. And there's another critique that needs to be done from another module but with the same deadline. Good luck to me if I manage to stay alive by the end of the semester.

Then there's also the sausage blog that's been taking up much of my blogging juices. Okay, I don't write too much for that, but I've been spending quite a bit of time on the photo editing so much that I don't have the time to edit the pictures that I want to put up on this blog. I've quite a lot of material to blog about lor, just that I've no time to do so, and when I've the time I don't have the energy to do so. grr... I want this semester to end soon! But that would mean that the semester would pass by quickly which I can't let it happen because I don't have enough time. ahhh... I don't know what I want!

Imagine Joan, for the first time in her six semesters in NUS she's starting to do her readings regularly. This must really mean something lor. It's amazing how much a little reading can propel me in terms of knowledge. I know I'm a smart person, but because I'm also extremely lazy, I usually only am able to do the bare minimum to get by. But I also know that if I bother to put in some decent effort, coupled with the bit of smartness I have, I can do way better, but the problem is that usually I don't bother. However, this semester being a crucial one to me, I really need to put in some good hard work if not all will be wasted. hai... *stressed*

On the other hand, a good news is that my SEP transfer credits are finally through, after more than one year and a couple of weeks back from my SEP. Finally. Granted, much of the lag was due to the late deadline I had for one of my papers, in October, when I'm back in NUS already, and also because the professor there forgot to go through my papers, and it took me until the beginning of this year that I finally got everything from him, and then there was also the problem of getting the history department to endorse my UEs because I didn't know that the person in charge was changed from Clancey to Kelly. Then I thought all was well, but the credits were still not through, and it had to take me calls and emails to Ruby when I was told that there were some problems. grr... And nobody called me to ask me about the problems. Anyway, whatever it is, it is finally over, and I'm finally a full fledged year 4 student with 120MCs in my bag. Heck, I can even go and alter the GAPS thingie and file for graduation now. wahahaha~

Oh, and a little thing to share, another thing that's taking up my time is my driving lessons, yes, I'm starting to learn to drive after much much procrastination. *cross fingers*

Okay, sorry for the haphazard bad post, I promise that if I've the time I'll do up a proper one with nice pictures, I have been taking quite a bit of nice pictures recently. But well, that's if I've the time when I've the time. Jiayou to all those who are still studying, jiayou~

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