Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girls Clique Dinner

Finally one of our little gatherings commanded a full strength turn out. And because I brought my camera, so there's no need to wait for photos from everyone even though others did take lots of pictures too, but well, here are nine beautiful girls coming up in this post!

Some time last year, during the Christmas period, there was a little gathering at Vivocity for dinner, but the turn out was only half-strength. And waiting for photos was quite jialat, and there weren't many photos too. I can't even remember much about that little gathering already. But at least the photos aren't taking as long a time as the photos from our Sentosa chalet cum BBQ. Gunni! Where are they??? wahaha~

girls clique 2006
Zihui, Hami, Rozie, Jas and Joan

Putting more girls and more camera in the same area, gives one a much higher density of photos. So instead of the measely pictures we took last year, this year, with four more girls in the turn out, we have loads and loads more pictures~

girls clique 2007
Trying out different photo taking methods

First we tried to use the timer function, so I set the camera to 10s mode, but we also wanted to do the all heads in thingie, where we try and squeeze all out heads into a self taken shot, but we didn't realise that the camera was still in the timer function, so after we pressed we were wondering why the camera didn't capture our shot. -_-" girls~

But we didn't capture a timed shot after that fiasco, but as you can see from the picture, my overzealousness covered Jasmine, so NGNGNG. Then we tried the all heads in thingie with Zihui holding the camera. The trick was for all of us to squeeze our heads and note that our heads are in the frame, then signal for Zihui to capture, but the constant squeezing and giggling, and you know whatnots from the girls resulted in Hami, me and Rozie having half our faces cut off, and Yingling relegated to having only an eye in the frame. haha~ Then Zihui tried to take a decent shot of us, but that resulted in her and Hami not being in the picture, and for some reason Yingling was totally blocked by Daidai and Jasmine was half covered by me. Finally, we decided to ask the waiter to help us take a picture. tadah~ Nice one!

It's so nice that I've a bigger one here.
girls clique full strength

Usually table shots are weird and lopsided with the people in front looking bigger than those at the back, but this shot turned out to be quite nice, a somewhat circular shape. And maybe because we girls are pretty also la, that's why the picture turned out nice. haha~

girls clique circle
Me taking pictures with all the other girls individually

Not knowing when's the next time we can have all out girls free for a meet up, I took a picture with all of them individually. Jasmine's now doing her Literature Honours Year in NUS, gunning for a first class. Jiadai's working at the Singapore Sports Council, promoting sports to little kids. Yingling's doing her honours year in Japanese Studies in NUS. Rozie's still looking for a job having graduated with a shared degree in European Studies and Sociology. Hamidah's still studying Econs at SMU having just returned from her attachment in Dubai. Zihui's working already, after graduating from NTU. Shuhui's still at NIE. Eunice's doing her honours study in Social Work at NUS. And well, I'm also doing honours year in NUS. So, that's our updates in a nutshell.

After a forgettable dinner at Fig and Olive, we headed down to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream and more camwhoring.
girls clique at ben n jerry


crazyyuan said...

love the pics gal! Thanks for posting them!

xxoos said...

no probs~

rozana said...

hey joan, r u uploading fotos individually? not rushing u but juz asking...

xxoos said...

yup, will be, in tha gmail thingie, but not too soon, at least after wednesday.