Monday, September 03, 2007


Sorry for leaving my blog here to rot, I really don't want to! I've a whole lot of photos I've taken while out for various outings and stuff, and I've a whole lot more of sausage pictures I want to put up on my sausage blog, but I don't have the bloody time to do anything I want to do. I've just finished with a 2000 word essay and now going to start on my 800 word critique and after that I'll have to do a one page speech based on the essay above. And in the meantime I've to take time out to go to a polyclinic and join a crazy queue. wahahaha~

Ya, I've a lump in my thigh. I went to the University Health and Wellness Centre but the doctor there said there was nothing that she could do about it. I need to either get a referral from a polyclinic to enjoy (what crap a term this is) subsidised rates only 20% the charge for an operation, or she could write me a referral and I pay the full amount. So hence therefore, tomorrow I need to go to a polyclinic. I'm a bit apprehensive, god knows what might happen in the polyclinic and when I can finally get a queue number to get that goddamn lump removed. I'm so tempted to just go private but private healthcare is whole shite of money I can't afford.

In the meantime, you get to see me squirming in my seat a whole lot of time because I can't sit comfortable with that lump on my thigh. And you might see me fingering my lump everytime I stand up because it's becoming a habit for me to sooth my lump after sitting too long, so if you catch me in a compromising position, no, I'm not rubbing myself, I'm just soothing my lump.

I actually have got a couple of pictures of my lump, but they are still in the camera and I don't even have the time to upload them from the camera, so hence therefore, the pictures shall have to wait for another time, while I decide now if I want to go and bathe then continue with my work, or go and bathe then go and sleep, or continue blogging to catch up some lost time. What a difficult decision!

Oh, and several of my friends have been egging me to join Facebook but I haven't got the time to set up an account. Ya, there's no way I'm going to set up an account with nothing inside, so for me to set up an account, I need to have some time to tinker with the settings and profile and figure my way around and have a bit of fun. hai... Either way, I know if I start with that I'd be addicted then I'd end up further procrastinating my work and I'l land up in quite deep shit.

Somewhere between all the work and internet fun, I've been going out quite a fair bit recently. I don't know why I seem to have this neverending group outings, and I'm not even usually the type of person who goes out in big groups. I prefer one on one little dinners or shopping trips or just catching up, but just don't know why I've been asked out so much recently to go out in larger groups with a whole bunch of friends. Yup, I'll post up the photos as soon as I've got the time, and I'll continue to take more pictures when I'm out.

To add on to the no time left for myself, I'm announcing that after a three and a half year almost four years of procrastination, I'm finally learning driving. *clap clap* I've long resisted learning and insisted that I don't need to learn how to drive, but well, I've succumbed into temptations and signed on the dotted line to join Ubi's Comfort Driving Centre. Yes, so taking away time or school, time for work, time for friends, time for driving, and time for sleep, I'm left with no time left. That results in the recent dry spell. I'm so sorry! I also want to blog more often, especially since I've so much to blog about but but but...

Okay, I promise I'll put up something somewhat decent by Wednesday night/Thursday morning. People whom I owe photos to, you can be assured that I'll email you the photos by then too. And now, I think I shall go ans bathe first before I decide what I should do next. Ciao~

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