Monday, September 03, 2007

The Social Butterfly

I've been going out a lot on top of piahing my papers. In the span out a couple of days, I had dinner gathering with the girls, my sec 4 class, my OG people, and the German classmates. Following this I'll be having more dinner gatherings with other groups of people, so yes, my schedule is very packed. But in my defence of going out too much and playing too much, I've managed to complete both my essay and my critique due tomorrow, so that leaves me with just the speech to write, but that shouldn't be too difficult to do.

4B dinner at Fish and Co at the Glass House
4B dinner at fish and co

This turnout was a bit sad. Seeing that as time flies by, each and every of us are caught up with out own lives, with out own work, be it school work or work work, fewer and fewer of us actually take the time to meet up with each other. But quite glad that at least most of the girls turned out. Those stupid boys can go and accompany their girlfriends. bahaha~ Seems like to the boys, their significant others are more important than the significant others of the girls to the girls. haha~

It's nice to see people like Xingyi and Jacelyn coming back from their internships overseas. It's even nice to receive presents from friends. Thanks Xingyi for that camel bone hairstick. And Sheena for that cute little pink bikini. It's nice just seeing these close friends who we don't get to meet each other that often, and just catching up with each other on our lives.

German class dinner gathering at Brotzeit
deutsch kommilitonen
and desserts at Häagen Dazs

It's really nice of Danny to organise such a gathering. We've been saying of wanting to have gatherings for so long but yet no one made the initiative and nothing amounted from all the talk, but Danny put an end to that and forced us to come out for dinner. To think that I was still comtemplating about staying at home and doing my work, lucky I didn't do that, if not I'd be regretting.

I've been wanting to go down to Brotzeit for the longest time but have been procrastinating, so this was a good chance to try out their food, and sausages and review them for my sausage blog. It quirkily turned out that every one of us ordered sausages. The girls had normal sausage dishes while the guys when for the sausage platter for two.

After that we were pondering on where to go for desserts, and thought about going to Ben and Jerry's but it was too crowded. We then chanced upon a table at Häagen Dazs. Once we opened the menu, the first thing that caught out eyes was the chocolate fondue. Immediately all of us agreed on getting that fondue to share. It's also the first time I'm having fondue, and it was great! Just that it was too messy, maybe we had too many people to a small table so there wasn't enough space.

It's a pity we didn't get to speak that much Deutsch even though we tried, but well, we tried!

Yes, I am having fun~

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