Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Ginna Kias

Disclaimer: No pictures in this blog though, all persons will remain anonymous.

Yesterday on the bus heading to school, I had two young-ish looking ginna kias sitting behind me at the upper deck. It was about 1+pm, very off peak, and not the normal going to school kind of time so the bus was pretty empty. I first caught notice of the two ginna kias because of their very lame conversations. First they started talking about Short Street and a possible Long Street, erm, Short Street if you don't know is named after a man with the family name of Short.

But that's still normal conversation. We then went by the Muslim Royal Family's cemetary and the girl called it a house when the guy called it a Mosque. I almost wanted to correct them and inform them that it's a cemetary, but well, I let their ignorant minds be.

Then suddenly, they got up of their seats and walked towards the back of the bus. The moment they walked to the back I knew there would be some hanky panky transpiring between them. I mean, for what other reason would one, no, two people, go to the back of the bus, out of the sight of everyone?

But well, I thought maybe they just wanted to sweet talk or pet or chat, or kiss, or something more appropriate in a public vehicle where there are still about half a dozen of other passengers. I turned around and beo-ed them once, they were chatting quite happily with the only abnorm that the girl was sitted facing the back of the seat to a more frontal position towards the guy. But apparently, they were more than just having normal hormonal rages. Towards the end of Pasir Panjang Road, I'd usually stretch my back and loosen my hips after one hour plus plus plus of sitting in a cramped space, and when I turned around quite innocently, guess what I saw?

I saw the bob of the guy's head, he was bent down. The girl hidden from my side. Then I spotted the bob of her head below the guy's head. And then her head started to bob up and down. And up and down. And I turned away almost at once. OMG. In bright daylight, on a public bus, with another passenger (me!) on the bus and seated directly right at the back of the bus driver's periscope peephole. I wonder if the bus driver saw what had transpired.

And as the bus was nearing the terminal, I actually was worried that the guy wouldn't cum in time to erm, neaten himself and get down the bus without the bus driver noticing anything weird. haha... It's quite dumb for me to have this flash across my head since this is none of my business.

When the bus turned into the terminal, and as I was walking down the steps, I glanced one final time at the young couple at the back. This time the guy was looking up with his mouth slightly open and the girl was hidden from my view.

However, when I alighted from the bus, there was still no sign of them coming down from the upper deck. Really wonder if they were caught in the act. wahaha~


stanley said...

wah liao.. win liao lor.. how old were they.. and even if they were of age.. they were committing crime on the bus!

how come i never come across such "interesting" stuff one.. =P

xxoos said...

they were of age la, about 18-20 ba... haha, oral sex without intercourse after that is against the law, indecent exposure and indecent acts in public areas also against the law. but well, kids are kids la... haha~

maybe if you open your eyes wider you can also see more things? lol~

stanley said...

haha.. my eyes already very big leh... lol.. =P

xxoos said...

then maybe u just lucky ba... haha...