Thursday, September 06, 2007


I received an email from a blog reader of mine saying that he tagged me on his blog. I went by his blog and found out that he's this cute young boy from malta. haha~ I shall be nice and do up this meme, I can't bring myself to bully a young boy.

1. Where is your cell phone?
Beside me, switched off because I'm uploading photos now.

2. Relationship?
hmm... What kind of relationship?

3. Your hair?
Black, natural dark brown.

4. Your favorite thing?
I don't know, don't really favour any of my stuff more than other stuff, I love everything

5. Your dream last night?
Last night don't have.

6. Your favorite drink?
Recently it's been ice lemon tea, trying to cut down on the coke intake.

6. Your dream car?

7. The room you're in?
My room.

8. Your shoes?
I very seldom wear shoes already, mostly slippers and sandals. I swear by my Birkies!

9. Your fears?
I fear losing something dear to me.

10. What do you want to be in 10 years?
Rich, famous, successful. Ya, right...
I want to be 50kg light, now tomorrow, next year, next decade...

11. Who did you hang out with this weekend?
Last weekend? Saturday night was with the German class people, Sunday was with Someone piahing my essay.

12. What are you not good at?
A lot of things, too much to think of at the moment.

13. One of your wish list items?
I want to eat seafood buffet, international buffet, bbq, bunch, neverending supply of sausages.
And then not grow fat.

14. Where you grew up?
Here there everywhere.

15. Last thing you did?
Flaring up at Someone.

16. What are you wearing?

17. What aren't you wearing?
I don't wear bra at home.

18. Your pet?
Don't have.

19. Your mood?
A bit antagonistic.

20. What are you thinking about right now?
Why is he so like that one??? Why he always like that one??? Why???

21. Your car?
Don't have.
But I'm learning how to drive now! But the problem is that my kah (leg) keeps jerking, then the car will jerk. grr...

22. Your kitchen?
It's not mine, more like the mother's. It's very very tiny.

23. Your summer?
It was great, really great.

24. Your favorite color?

25. Last time you laughed?
Yesterday. A big real laugh, because I was too high from my presentation, so I was a bit crazy crazy.

26. Love?
My love has become very selfish. Perhaps as one grows older, or different things happen under different circumstances, one's mindset would change. I used to think that love is sacrifice and tolerance, yet now I'm plain plain selfish and demanding. My heart is hardening I guess... haha...

I don't tag people, so if you want to do it just do it, then let me know or something if I don't already read your blog. Have a nice day folks, and nice meeting you ninuhadida/Jean-Paul~

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