Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Brand New Baby Cousin

Being the eldest grandchild in my maternal side means that all my cousins are all younger than me, and here comes the youngest one now. Baby Ryan! I don't think there'd be anymore coming up seeing that this is my youngest married aunt, the unmarried ones seem to be not getting married any time in the near future, or at least until the end of their child bearing age. So baby Ryan, youngest in the family who had just celebrated his month old birthdat party.

baby ryan one day old
He was supposed to be c-sectioned on the 16th. It was something quite definite, but as how things go, nothing in life in predictable, and baby Ryan's waterbag burst one day early, and everything went ahead one day early.

He was tiny. 49cm and 2.2kg only and he was very crumply and red. See my mother in comparison to baby Ryan, her palm is bigger than his face!

baby ryan three weeks old
We went to visit him when he was about three weeks old because the sister hasn't seen him up close as she was recovering from her flu. And he's still so tiny. He's so cute, all wrapped up on a bundle, and I carried him for a fair bit of time. He's still very light and I'm still very afraid of hurting him since he's so tiny.

My sister was so afraid of hurting him that she didn't dare to carry him. haha~

baby ryan one month old
At one month old, baby Ryan is less red and more yellow, still quite crumply, and still tiny tiny. He has this frown lines on his forehead which makes him look like an old man. Oh, and he really likes it when I tickle his chin, he'd chuckle and giggle and saliviate.

Ahh... Babies...


Jane said...

i carried him. stop making me sound like a wimp, an idiot and everything stupid on your blog. you just want ppl to think that i pale in comparison to you.


xxoos said...

okok... you very lihai, you more lihai than me. -_-"