Friday, September 28, 2007

Gone by in a Flash

Before I even had anything done, the mid term break has whooshed by in front of my eyes. Great. I don't even realise that I have not enough time left to do my work and my deadline is like on Monday. 1500 words and 0 words down. Good luck to me.

Let me recount on how I managed to have the time fly by in front of me without me knowing...

Saturday, Sunday: I lay in bed doing nothing but recuperating from my operation on Friday. I can't remember what I did but it should be in the lines of reading blogs and blogging. Yes, my free time is primary occupied by blogs. I lead such a sad life.

Monday: The day was spent in the polyclinic for the dressing of my wound. The evening saw me packing up my bags and leaving for chalet which I'll stay for the next two days or so.

Tuesday: Chalet.

Wednesday: I left the chalet early in the morning and went home to bathe and change before rushing to meet Yanwei for lunch. Then it was dinner with Someone, and there was our little quarrels again.

Thursday, or today: Morning was spent in Alexandra Hospital for check up and dressing, but most of the time was spent waiting and waiting and waiting la. Then I popped by school to return library books, then went straight home. Since I got home I've been reading blogs and blogging. Have I mentioned that all my free time is occupied by blogs, mine and others?

Friday: I have have have to get work done before my driving lessons.

Saturday: I have have have to get work done before I go for Yiting's birthday party. I have her present all ready, I bought it on Wednesday and boy do I like it. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

Sunday: I have have have to get work done before schools starts and that's the end of my break and I need to start working again.

Yes, that's the sad summary of what I had done and what I must do, but of course, what I must do and what I end up doing will be quite different though I hope that would not be the case. grr... I need more time.

Ya, I've not only been blogging and reading blogs, but also have been editing photos for use in future blog posts. I can't possibly be blogging everything down today, but I usually edit my photos in batches. If you can't wait for my next blog post, then here you go. Photos queued up for the sausage blog and photos queued up for this blog. There are lesser photos in queue for this blog because I haven't been doing much things that I've taken pictures of, heck, I haven't even been doing anything interesting at all, so not much pictures here.

Yup, here's the short filler before the next blog which is probably on my wound as you can see in the photos in the latter link I have there. Until then, I shall hope that I can manage to increase my word count from a palty zero.


EgGyBo! said...

I've 3 essays due on mon.. and none are completed at all.. all are less than 50% done..

xxoos said...

jiayou ba...