Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Wound

This is an update from My Lump. The lump is removed, now leaving a gaping wound on my thigh, and I'm recovering now. But I've managed to take a couple of pictures of my wound to show you guys. erm... Scroll down only on an empty stomach is you are easily queasy.

I managed to get a snap shot of my wound when I went to the polyclinic to get my dressing done. The nurse took out the dressing then left the room for some unknown reason leaving me alone on the bench with nothing to do, so I whipped out the handphone can took a couple of shots. Because of the position of my wound and I can't see it while taking pictures of it, I had to take a couple of shots and wish that one is good. Thankfully, a couple, those two seen here, show the wound clearly and detailedly.

my wound

It surprised me that there were so many stitches, at least a lot for a lump like mine. Okay, the size of the lump was larger than I thought, hence the size of the wound was larger than I thought, and obviously the number of stitches would be more than what I thought before I had the operation done.

The yellow yellow is the iodine that was on my leg when I had the surgery but because I had plasters over it so I haven't had the chance to cleanse my leg of the iodine. Then there's the blueblacks all around my wound. I was quite surprised about that so I asked the doctor about it. He said it's because they had to severe the veins around the area when they operated me hence the blueblacks from the severed veins. urgh, gross...

But when you see me in person you won't see that gaping wound la, it'll be like the plaster over the wound. Actually it isn't that obvious unless you are sitting behind me and I'm walking away from you. Yup, I just realised also, I can't wear pants for the next couple of weeks. Not that I've that many pants to wear, but I realised it after I wanted to wear a pair of pants then realised that I couldn't because the wound was in the way.

The plaster picture was taken just after I visited the doctor at Alexandran Hospital. The procedure was damn dumb. First I got a queue number to visit the doctor, then I went to see him and he proceeded to remove my plaster, then the took a look at it then said it was okay and I should go get the dressing done. The he directed me to another room where I had to wait outside for my turn. It's so bureaucratic. I had to wait for my turn to get my dressing done with my fraying plaster. It's so dumb.

The antibiotics is to show you the medicine I'm been gulping down recently. I took that after I consulted UHWC, then I took that again prior to my operation, then I took that after the operation. Luckily I'm off it already. The pills are so huge. It covers on segment of my finger. I still need to take a whole bunch of painkillers, but my mother was saying that I shouldn't be relying on them.

Yup, I'm recovering. But the stitches will have to stay for another two more weeks. And I need to wait till then for the lab report also. Meanwhile still no chicken, no eggs, no seafood, no dark sauces, not "poisonous" stuff for me. :(


xingyi said...

oh my god! why do u have a lump on ur thigh? why must stitch? u fell down or what? looks quite serious... take care!

xxoos said...

it's a cyst, had to be operated to remove. also don't know how it grew, it just appeared on me one day. haha~ you can go to the my lump link there to read more about what happened. lol~

thanks for your concern~