Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Face

Recently, the doctor prescribed me this acne cream to apply on my face twice a day, which I did it religiously. Because it was skin coloured, when I applied it in the day, I had it on and went out, albeit with concealer and loose powder over it, but it's was okay. The face was less oily, so I thought it was finally one good cream which can cure my face of spots. But alas, that was not to be so.

Then one day, I realised that my face was flaking, and peeling, at the areas where there is acne. Then worse was the T-zone started reddening with little bumps. The first day that happened, I ignored it and continued with the acne cream prescribed to me. But the second day I couldn't ignore it anymore. I don't think it was any other factor because my facial wash was a regular one and I've been on that concealer and loose powder regiment for years already.

Then I decided to stop putting on the cream to see if the face would be less flaky. But it was still quite jialat. Desperate calls for desperate measures. I decided to chang emy facial wash. My normal facial was is for oily and blemished skin and is quite drying, so I thought it might aggravated my this condition. I changed it to a non-soapy deep purifying wash which was mainly for conbination skin which I thought was more suitable for my skin. The nose and forehead were still oily even though the cheeks and chin were dried up.

But it didn't much alleviate my condition. Desperater calls for desperater measures. I started applying moisture cream on the flaking areas. I applied it three times. And thankfully my face is better now.

I don't know if it's the effects of the acne cream waning off, or the change of facial wash helped or was it the moisture cream, but luckily the combination of everything helped.

I was just telling Jasmine today about my vanity regiment. I swear by my concealer and loose powder. I'm so reliant on it that now without my concealer and loose powder, I will not leave the house. My face isn't really too jialat that lorry will langgar, but the spots can be quite red, so I'd conceal the spots.

The thing about concealers is that not every concealer looks natural on the face. I started out with crayon concealers which looks patchy on the face, so it must go with foundation, but that would end up making the face look heavily pale, and blusher and eye shadows only make the face look heavily made up and totally unnatural. Liquid conceals are also not a good choice because they are very light, and hence need the heavier foundation to cover up the spots. Hence, I use cream concealers, from Body Shop, heavy enough to conceal but light enough to smudge.

There's still a bit of patches on the face, so I use loose powder to even out my face texture and to smoothen the patches out. This creates a very natural looking spotless face.

I know some people go all in for a doll-like make up, looking totally artifcial and everything. I agree that it looks nice, and if I've the time to doll up I sure want to look like that, but it's not really suitable for all occasions. Most of the time I still like to masquerade myself as a natural beauty. Many friends have been commenting that my complexion's a lot better than before, but I'm really sad to tell them that I'm a farce. It'd be nice for the normal people walking by me to think that my complexion's good even though I know that under the concealer I'm just a spotty girl.

Sometimes having too heavy a make up is also no good. People will talk about vanity and shallowness and whatever negative remarks that come along with the act chio buay chio kind of girls. I don't like to invite that sort of remarks even though I know that I might just be the vainness of them all just because I think about all these stuff.

Ya, sorry to burst your bubble, I don't have a good complexion. And all those photos of me are not how I look after I bathe. But the great thing of it all, concealer saves me from needing to photoshop. At least I don't photo enhance my face. What you see in my pictures is still what you see me in person, unless u get to see me in my rawest form.


Jasmine said...

hey babe!

maybe u should consult your dermatologist to ask if your acne cream is the type that exfoliates i.e. causes skin peeling in order to lighten scarring..

but moisturiser is definitely the way to go.

anyway had a great time at werner's tonight! yummy!! we must do this again soon yeah? =)

xxoos said...

yup, i think i'll go back and see her about it, but for the mean time i've stopped using it le.

yup! see when we're free again, and can jio the other girls down too...

Anonymous said...

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