Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After watching Ratatouille, I had this huge huge cravings for cheese. Watching Remy run around just for cheese, and watching him savour the cheese with the strawberries and grapes just made me crave for cheese so badly that I wanted to eat cheese then and there. And it wasn't just any cheese I wanted to eat, I wanted to eat good cheese, those that come in chunks, not the plastic wrapped normal ones, but really gourmet ones.

And hence, I popped over to Jason's and bought this...
cheese and turkey

I bought 100g of Emmentaler and another 100g of smoked turkey breast. And I wrapped the turkey breast around pieces of Emmentaler, and I ate them together and *crackle crackle pop pop whoosh*. It was a very interesting experience.

Okay, I've ate that combination many times in Germany but every time I ate Emmentaler with turkey breast was with bread, this is the first time I had it without bread, and it's a lot more full with flavour than with bread. I think the plainess of bread do have the effect of toning down the strong flavours of cheese and smoked meat. But this momentarily brought me back to Europe. Those days when Emmentaler, and not plastic wrapped, cheese was my daily subsistence, and turkey breast was as common as ham and bacon. The simple sandwiches were what I ate because they were cheap and not because I wanted to indulge.

Emmentaler (I'm using the German spelling of it because it was what I knew it as) is the classic Swiss kind of cheese, strong cheesey smell, and with holes in them, holes typified by Hollywood as what mice likes. Turkey breast is very common in Germany too because it's a healthier substitute for pork and beef, and I don't know why, cured chicken meat isn't really that popular over there.

Those that are cheap in Europe aren't cheap in Singapore, and my normal subsistent cheap meal turned out to be a luxurious indulgence back in Singapore where I had to go over to Jason's to get what I wanted to complete my fireworks experience. it would have been perfect perfect had I managed to get Schwarzwälder Schinken or black forest ham instead.

Yup, go watch Ratatouille if you haven't, and remember to save a little budget after the movie because watching it will make you hungry and make you want to eat something good~

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