Monday, October 15, 2007

My Scab

This is an update to My Lump which has been removed, and the corresponding My Wound which the stitches has been removed, and it is now healing to become My Scab.

I just had my stitches removed last Thursday. I went straight after school and ended up at the clinic waiting for an hour. But it is like that one la... There's the stupid taiji policy in place which rendered my long wait into one which amounted to nothing. After waiting for an hour, I went to see an ABC doctor who was damn rough when removing my plaster, and made me wail out in pain, then all he took was two seconds then he whisked me off to another room to get another Medical Officer to remove my stitches.

So I waited for an even longer time without a proper plaster and hence without being able to sit properly.

Then the MO came and helped me to remove the stitches. Because my appointment was supposed to be a week earlier, but because I couldn't make it, hence it was three weeks after my surgery instead of two, the MO said that my stitches were tight. And he had a harder time pulling them out. And they hurt like mad. And they bled. crap...

I was screaming. Then Someone advised me to try thinking about something I like. I hence thought about food, and then I felt the stitches poking me. I wailed out "the lobster's poking me!" which amused us all. And I still felt the pain. After that the MO stuck the plaster back on and I was to keep the wound dry for another couple of days.

So this is the scab
my scab the caterpillar
with all the plaster marks by the side after suffering from days and days of having been plastered left right centre.

After I removed the plaster, I still couldn't see my scab because of it's position on my body, so I had Someone describe to me what he saw. He called it a caterpillar. Thank you very much. After taking a couple of shots on my camera did I realise that this is a damn ugly caterpillar. And it's damn huge somemore.

I tried to look at it via a mirror, and realise that there's this whitish thingie on my scab. Think it's drying out quite a bit. But it still looks damn ugly.

my ugly dried scab
You can see the size of the scab as compared to the size of my finger. Damn huge, damn fat, damn fugly.

And the skin around my scab is all dried and plastermarked with sticky sticky bits all around. It looks so ugly. I can't wait for my scab to drop then I'll moisturise my leg. I wonder if I'll get a big fat and ugly scar from that big fat and ugly scab anot... grr... Argh~ I don't want!!!

I think I shall upload my whole set of lump, wound and scab pictures onto my facebook~ haha~ I shall gross all my friends out!

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LOL my scab the catapillar