Monday, October 08, 2007

Paulaner Oktoberfest Brunch

A couple of us arranged for a Sunday German Brunch at Paulaner Brauhaus, and it so happened that the date we decided upon fell on the Oktoberfest celebrations. It was a pity I'm still nursing the wound and had to not take up the free flow beer option. It's the Oktoberfest Bier! grr... But we still had a great time anyway, eating, pigging, and camwhoring.

paulaner group pictures
Xiangqing, Xinli, Cindy, Yingfong, Jane and me went.

The whole place was decorated to the Oktoberfest theme, with balloons, streamers and posters featuring the highlights of Oktoberfest all about the restaurant. The place was fully booked too, with families crowding around the food, and kids running about despite them having the own play area. There's a mix of angmos and locals alike. And the service was great, drinks promptly filled up, but I thought that the replenishing of beer was faster than that of the soft drinks, plates were also cleared, when we left the table but never while we were still at the table. This is the perfect kind of service that is supposed to be at buffets.

And the food was great.
paulaner brunch food
These were all the food I ate, not too many, but enough.

First plate was appetisers, cold cuts, sausage salad, and sashimi. I wanted to take bread, but remembered that bread would fill me up faster than the goodies. The cold cuts were great, it's been a long time since I indulged in cold cuts other than the usual fare. The sausage salad was a bit weird, too oniony for my liking, but there's this cold cheese sausage which is quite nice. The sashimi isn't what you get in Japanese restaurant, so don't expect too much from it.

My second plate was filled with meat. Pork schnitzel, sausages, pork knuckle, and dory fish with a few prawns on it. I know I'm not supposed to take seafood, but I couldn't resist that few prawnies. The pork schnitzel was a favourite with me, especially when dipped into the mustard. I had my daily intake of vegetables by eating that four stalks of asparagus, thank you very much. The sausages were marvellous, there were three kinds of them, all nicely grilled. And the pork knuckle too, I like. I don't like having to cut up the pork knuckle myself when I order it outside, because it always hurts my hands and fingers, but there was the chef there slicing up the pork knuckles for us. The fish was a bit normal, as in a nice kind of normal.

By the third plate I was a bit enough, so I got a smattering of various stuff. Seconds on the sashimi and schnitzels, some tomatoes and cheese I hadn't seen earlier, and from the meat section, duck and chicken. The tomatoes were good, they were marinated with some gooey stuff I don't know what they are, but it's good. And it's healthy eating! The cheese were okay only, I couldn't tell what kind of cheese it is, but they aren't my favourite anyway. I don't usually like duck, and this duck had the ducky taste which I didn't like. But the chicken was pretty nice, the only problem was me trying to subtly dig for the breast meat portions at the buffet table. That was a bit paiseh.

Because I'm not a desserts person, I had a simple dessert of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. I would have eat more had the cake been of a smaller portion. The cake was great, I liked it a lot, just that there's too much of it that satiated me. The cream was forgettable. No, it's pretty bad. It was room temperature warm so it tasted weird. It might have ben nicer had it been chilled. Actually I had wanted to get some cream puffs on my fifth time over to the buffet spread, but there weren't plates, I procrastinated a bit then I forgot about it. bah~ But nevermind, it gives me an excuse to come back again another time. haha~

During the meal, we started taking a lot of pictures.
paulaner pair photos

I went around taking pictures, and after that everyone started taking pictures. Luckily I brought my camera along with me. I had brought my camera primarily to take pictures of the sausages to put up in my sausage blog, but food ended up only consisting a very small percentage of pictures out of all that I took. There are more pictures with my head in them, but it isn't surprising I guess. I like going out and taking pictures with people who like to take pictures!

And especially since Paulaner's was beautifully decked out in all the Oktoberfest streamers and stuff, all the must we should take more pictures. And that was what we did, pictures of the more than decorated Maypole.
paulaner oktoberfest balloons

We took so many pictures with that trying to get a perfect angle that we stayed on even after all the customers left. We were the last to leave lor, even our other friends left earlier. The restaurant were totally empty other than the waitstaff and us, and there we were crouching on the floor to help each other take loads of pictures. Hope Paulaner don't blacklist us. haha~

paulaner oktoberfest decor
Check out this streamers, it's quite cool~ But what I don't like is how come the womenfolk are serving the men? Okay, in traditional Bavaria, it's like that, and Oktoberfest traditionally is like that... grr...

paulaner camwhoring
The camwhore in me see props everywhere.

First there was the sunflower on the table. Granted, I didn't spot that as a prop first, it was Cindy. Then that thing became a staple in a lot of our pictures. haha~ Then there's also the mirror and the bier board along the stairwell to the toilet. Mirrors are good for taking pictures, and boards are good too. I can photoshop words onto the board and voila~

paulaner oktoberfest poster
Our table was right beside this cabinet thingie and on it hung an Oktoberfest poster, and Xinli started by requesting to have her head with the poster, and before no long, all of us queued to be photographed with that poster. haha~

That's Jane's beer in the picture, only Jane drank. I was tempted, but had been warned not to. Xinli and Yingfong thought that drinking would diminish their eating powress. haha~ The Oktoberfest bier was more potent than usual beer. Jane was half gone after three mugs when she usually takes three mugs too.

For more pictures, view here at a flickr account of mine!

It was great company with great food. Can't wait for the next of our little outings. Next up, German Film Festival!


xingyi said...

wah... the food makes me drool!!! Yummy!

xxoos said...

haha~ i felt hungry when i was doing up the pictures...

Jasmine said...

dang! just check out the food! yummy... btw this is not related but do u know that ben and jerry's has ice-cream flavoured lip balm? im planning to buy!

hey, i have an idea girl. let's go to stonegrill after our exams (i dont think either of us can squeeze out any time before then hor?)- mine end 30 nov!

take care and hopefully see you soon!

xxoos said...

ahh... i've been wanting to try out stonegrill! but my exams end on 5 dec leh... so long~

huijing said...

The food looks really yummy! I'm hungry already lor!

xxoos said...

we should meet up for lunch/dinner one day, but maybe not too soon, i'm so swamped with work...