Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wo Ist Fred?

Where Is Fred

We trotted down to the Cathay to catch yet another film from the German Film Festival. This was actually our first choice film, because it starred our favourite German actor, Til Schweiger. Also, it was a comedy, and we wanted to have something light-hearted and fun to watch. There were some other Til Schweiger films featured, but after watching this, no regrets at all, totally.

This film is about this guy (Til Schweiger) who needed to get this autographed basketball for the bratty son of his fiancee, and the only way to get that ball, he had to act disabled. So bring on the wheelchair, and suddenly he couldn't talk either. Things got complicated when he was asked to feature in this image film as part of a promotional campaign of that basketball club.

The film was totally hilarious, and the disabled were really quite funny. On the whole, it was an enjoyable watch.

I think it had a very good cast too, because we recognised most of key actors, they also starred in other German films that we were exposed to. The director of the image film who later fell in love with Til Schweiger's character was Alexandra Maria Lara who was also in Der Untergang and Der Tunnel. The sidekick was J├╝rgen Vogel who was also in Barfuss and Goodbye Lenin.

It's really nice watching a proper German film, with the others, and well, making me wish I were back in Germany all over again.

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