Thursday, January 24, 2008

deene red

PS: edited, look below!

deene red
My new fluff, deene red. With a mini deene red in the lovely lane habitat with lots of hearts and stars, just right for the upcoming Valentine's Day. And to make wishes come true, there's a rainbow with the Golden Uniko there to make my dear deene red's dreams come true.

Visit my (fluff)friends page here to pet deene red!

As you can see, I've invested quite a lot of time and money into this thing, so this is really my baby, and I'll be taking care of it and playing with it pretty much using up most of all of my online hours.

But before I took the plunge, I really thought about it. Yes, I've always kept up to day with all the new stuff fluff came up with, but I never took part in their competitions and stuff to win those rare Unikos of different colours because I know so what if I win, I can add that into my fluff and it would just make me want even more in the next round of contests. Then when fluff came up with the concept of Gold, I knew that was just a money making machine for fluff. I resisted not to buy and Gold with cold hard cash because I knew where my money was going into, someone else's pockets. Indeed, if the creator of fluff needs money for new servers and stuff, I don't mind donating, but with so many people so quickly buying gold, it's obvious that he didn't need the money from me. I went ahead and exchanged for Gold using my Munny, but that's about it. The queue is damn long and I only managed to get 10 Gold changed because that time I entered the queue early.

The with the new limited edition store, I also got lucky and sold my Turkle for 20 Gold making my total Gold count to 30. Now you can't even get 7 Gold out from selling the Turkles. But there were so many things I wanted that 30 Gold wasn't enough for me. I wanted the red deeno, I wanted the Lovely Lane habitat, I wanted the Candy Land habitat also, I wanted the rainbow, most of all, I wanted the Golden Uniko, which was only given away if you bought 50 Gold which is US$5. I went on thinking about it day and night. My main concern is that I'm getting addicted to fluff, and after buying the Gold this once, I'd feel compelled to buy more Gold next time when there are nicer stuff being unveiled by fluff.

Someone had to tolerate my constant self debates and whinings about fluff until it's come to a point when I think I'm obsessed with thinking about buying Gold. Then last night Someone told me that he bought 20 Gold and asked me if I wanted anything from the Golden (fluff)Shop. Sure I wanted a lot of things, but nothing that he can buy for me. With him as a precedence, I went ahead on my own and bought US$5 worth of Gold. Immediately I bought up everything I wanted.

Then I changed my fluff into deene red. I got Someone to change his fluff to deene blue, now we've got matching fluffs!

It was kind of a heart pain changing fluffs because I bought a lot of things for my old pigu already, especially food. I was stocking up a lot of pigu's favourite foods, and now they're quite useless. Sure, deene red can eat them too, but they aren't deene red's favourites, so I still need to buy more food, and stock up on deene red's favourites.

deene red's favourite food:
full cookie, glazed donut, glazed ham, pink cupcake, ripe watermelon, salad bowl, toast with jam +10
bitten cookie, pumpkin pie, silver-blue fish +9
bunch o' broccoli +8
Please feed my dear deene red too~

Yup, and now on I must snap my card and close my paypal account so that I don't spend anymore money on useless stuff. argh~

Update! Ahh... Just hours after I posted that last post came up new Valentine decorations at fluff, and I just had to get some of those for my dear deene red. So presenting to you my updated deene red!
deene red valentine
So chio right?

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