Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spotted on the Toilet Door

I was at IMM the other day, erm, yes IMM, my first time there. We went there because we had this crazy idea of exploring there since I've never been to anywhere in the north and west parts of Singapore. Anyway, the key issue here is spotting this at the toilet door.

It was on the insides of the door of the toilet cubicles. Right above the little hook for hanging of your bags and stuff, you can see my little bag there.

I was sitting atop the toilet bowl when I saw that. The very first thing that struck me was "Damn!" and I looked at the top of the cubicle walls over to the other cubicles.

I think, when you have you panties down in the toilet and are basically half naked, losing a handbag should be the least of my worries. I'm more worried about losing my modesty! If some crook can steal my handbag over the walls of the cubicles, then that crook can bloody hell see me half naked, or worse, god forbid, take incriminating pictures and/or videos of me and post them online or extort money from me, or god knows what else can happen to me.

Yes, handbags are expensive stuff that would pain me to lose, especially since I'm a bag person and I love all my darling bags. And I know losing my wallet, handphone, camera would be almost akin to stabbing me, but those are more like material goods. I can buy another wallet, handphone, camera and stuff. But I cannot get my modesty back once it's lost.

I thought it was pretty funny that such a sign was posted up. I mean, obviously if a person is sitting on the toilet bowl, his eyes can look only in one direction, right? Like at the direction of the sign which would effectually make the sign redundant since the person is already looking at his bags and stuff. Them again, if by some reason or another he isn't looking at that direction, then isn't the sign more redundant?


gunni said...

I remembered a tour guide once told of how thieves syndicates in some parts of Europe actually install their own detachable hooks on the back of certain public toilet doors, so unsuspecting tourists will hang their stuff there, and while halfway through their "business", the thieves will just grab the hook from above the toilet door and run away with whatever's on it..!

Quite innovative, to say the least.. haha :)

xxoos said...

eww... okay...
not a very good thought to ponder over... haha

Starryun said...


I cam across your site when i searched in yahoo for Jie Lian Huan's VCD.

May i ask if you would like to sell that VCD?

xxoos said...

nope, not selling it for anything in the world, sorry...
but if you want it only for personal viewing, just drop me an email, we can work something out ;) hehe~