Friday, January 18, 2008


I have one bloody hour to waste now because of the sheer dumbness of some people, thank you very much. I really don't know why some people can be this dumb, or this slow in understanding, and insist that they are always right.

So, it started off at the LINC desk rather harmlessly. The usual stuff, two people at the station, looking at the call number. Then that person went "Remember the number" to me. Lest not ask me whether or not I want to do so, I'm unable to do so in the very beginning. Two random alphabets put together, three digits, a decimal place and another three digits, tell me how to remember this 8-alphabet-and-number-code? So I said "Write the number down", and there he started giving me this WTF face. But I'm nice, I took out my pen and notebook for him to copy down the bloody number, which he did so with ultimate displeasure.

Then we searched for a second title, which was a book from the closed stacks. This went through my head. Need to wait for one hour. hmm... Copy down the stack number first, now go for class, after class come and write the stack number on the closed stacks slip, go for dinner, just nice one hour later can go pick up the book, yay! But said person went, "closed stacks, sian, forget it" and wanted to walk off. I just had to get him to write the bloody number down so there woun't be a need to check the number again later. And I said "just write the number down first".

Two digits into writing the number code down, he threw my G-Tech onto the desk and stormed off and lectured me for being rude to him. What the fuck?!!

He can go on fuming for all I care. Either he lets me know what the hell is wrong with me, or let me tell him what the hell is wrong with him. But apparently he doesn't want to hear me talk, neither does he want to talk to me, so here I am not knowing what the hell is wrong with me nor knowing what the hell is wrong with him.

If he called me rude because I told him to "write the number down", then isn't he just as rude for telling me to "remember the number"? I don't even know if he understood the reason behind me telling him to "write the number down", I don't even know what the hell he is thinking.

Anyway, throughout the whole class, he starts being a jerk, telling me that I'm rude, when I was merely passing instructions, if his simple mind cannot comprehend my reasons for doing so he can ask me nicely and I'll slowly and nicely explain to him, but no, he doesn't do it. And when I attempt to tell him what I was trying to do, he storms off yet again to don't know where. I just knew I had to get to the library, get that slip of paper down to the little chute and go have my one hour long dinner.

After I did so, he was nowhere to be seen. Still trying to be nice, I retrace my steps and look for him. Then when I spotted him, clearly, he saw me too, but he walked past me without even acknowledging my presence. What the bloody fuck?! So, there he went, flying me aeroplane for tonight's dinner, making me wait an hour for the closed stacks book, and not even knowing what the hell is wrong. Great. What a wonderful Friday evening to end the week.

That's it, either I receive a sincere apology, or a loud shouting match letting me know very clearly what the hell is wrong with everything, I think there's no need for anymore interaction between the two of us already. So much for clear communications. I shall waste another half an hour before going to pick up the closed stacks book, then head home straight, tummy filled to the brime with fumes.


cindyrella said...

wow wow. this guy sure is a jerk.. so rude...

xxoos said...

no la... he's a nice guy, we've made up le. it was just a misunderstanding...