Monday, January 14, 2008

Last Semester Ahead

Let's see, I'd spent the first day of the semester sleeping, watching videos, watching TV, sleeping some more, and basically only left my bed for only two hours, and the two hours I was off my bed I spent one and a half hours on the couch. I spent the last half and hour off the bed eating, going to the toilet, and moving from couch to bed and bed to couch. What a great way to start the semester.

Tomorrow, the second day of the semester I'll be going out, watching movies, eating more sausages, shopping, and maybe trying out some new food. What a wonderful second day of the semester, isn't it? I'll be only going to school on Wednesdays and Fridays for the coming two weeks, and all the even weeks. My tutorials and labs are only on odd weeks, and I don't think there'd be too many off them, probably only about five of them each, so I'm looking ahead at a pretty slack semester. Yay!

My timetable.
joan's timetable

I know I know, we haven't bidded for our tutorials yet, how am I to know if I were to get the tutorial slots I want. Heck, for my tutorial bidding, I'm going ahead with only two slots there, one for each tutorial. I will not let anything ruin my pretty timetable.

EU2217 Politics of Contemporary Europe
Anyone who'd seen my Facebook message or MSN message will know what I did. I threw 4300+ points when bidding that module. I basically showed my hand and traumatised the little little year twos and threes~ Yay! I've been wanting to do that since year one when I was traumatised by the seniors who showed their hand for the modules they wanted. This was the perfect module for me to do so because it was hot! I got the module in the end for 1700+ points.

EU3228 EU and ASEAN in the World
I did half of this module when I was in year two sem two before I flew over to Germany for my SEP. I must say I don't think it's an advantage because it won't be the same lecturer as before. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to doing this module and the Politics of Contemporary Europe one because I did the EU Foreign Policy module last semester, and I got a decent grade considering the amount of effort I put in. Usually people do these two modules before doing the EU Foriegn Policy one, but I did that before these two so it should help me a bit, I hope.

I still feel pretty proud of myself going into a level 4000 PS class with only having done two PS modules before, one's the 1101 module and the other a useless level 2000 module, and I actually went in ahead and competed against this bunch of PS students with truckloads of PS modules and some with one or two level 4000 experience in their bag. wahahaha~

EU4224 War and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
This like the one of the two EU/HY cross listed level 4000 modules I need to do to fulfil my requirements. Honestly, I'm going in not knowing what to expect. *cross fingers* for me please~

EU4226 Imperialism and Empires
One word to sum it all up, Farrell. Actally, no la, this is the other of the two EU/HY cross listed level 4000 modules that I have to do, so bo bian lor. Anyway, I'm quite looking forward to it because of the two field trips! One to Malacca and the other to Sarawak, yay~ I'll be looking forward to spending my 20+++th birthday in North Borneo! haha, can anything be more cool than this? (Well, yes, like spending my birthday in Europe, or somewhere further away, more exotic, or more luxurious, or more atas, but well, I'm trying to sound enthusiastic here...)

LSM1303 Animal Behaviour
Cool right? I have absolutely no idea what it's about, but it sounds totally cool. Well, wait for me to attend the first lecture then I'll give the real account how the class is like.

But my timetable isn't really a perfect one, just look at my Fridays. So if you see me on Fridays, I'd probably be damn restless and listless and lifeless and whatnotless. Upside, Someone will be with me throughout, so he'd be bearing most of the brunt. But I'm still looking forward to school because 1. I want to buy cheap Twister fries from McDees. 2. I miss Bizad's Western! 3. I missing Science $1.80 Wanton Mee. 4. Can't wait for Munchy Monkey to open again for cheap pasta and desserts. 5. Chezy Mushroom from Coffee Club Xpress. 6. Japanese food from Arts canteen. 7. Beehoon with chicken franks and other snacks from Arts Canteen. 8. Cheap BK~ erm, how come all those I miss of NUS are all food ah? hmm... Something's a bit wrong with little Joan.


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