Friday, January 11, 2008

In the Fitting Room

I'm not one who shops regularly, nor do I like to hunt down sales, and the thing I hate the most is shopping with the crowds, yet over the Christmas sales period I chanced upon some pretty good buys. And so I'm now pretty broke, but I also have the fodder for a blog entry, haha. So come with me into the fitting room and check out what I have in store~

I had a job interview some time ago, hence I desperately needed office wear, or something that isn't out of my wardrobe. A peek into my wardrobe and you can only find beach wear, casual wear and several dresses, nothing decent that would make me look like a mature young woman confident to get a job. Hence I needed to buy some clothes. The timing for this clothes hunt couldn't be any worse, it was during the post Christmas sales. Yes, things are dirt cheap, but I hate sales. I can't get the size I want, there isn't any new piece, the things are all over the place, and the crowd and queues are crazy.

And a convenient advice my friend gave me before I went hunting for clothes, "if you like it, don't buy it". Thanks hor...

clothes. frumpy office wear
It looks really ugly.
The white blouse is too transparent, and when matched with black pants I just look like a waitress or something, an ugly waitress somemore.
The black blouse with grey skirt is even more horrendous I can't even describe it.

I wanted to buy perhaps a striped blouse with striped pants, but after trying on various pants, I realised that my hips and thighs are too huge and my legs are not too fat, hence I cannot buy sizes that fit my legs because I wouldn't be able to zip up, and neither can I buy sizes that allow me to zip up because then the legs would be too loose. Hence I thought perhaps I would buy a skirt instead, but well, all the skirts are really ugly.

clothes. decent office wear
Thankfully, not all the office wear I tried on was that bad, this is one good set. I bought one set out of this two, can you guess which it was?

I bought the one on the left even though I think I look better in the one on the right. I had tried out the one on the right earlier, at G2 Black Label. It was expensive, even with the discount. And the clothes were not in the best condition, buttons were held by a single thread, about the fall off, fabric a bit dirty from too many people trying it on I supposed.

But I'm glad I ended up buying the one on the left. It was the last place I visited and well, it was a very good bargain. Let me talk about the pants first. I picked up the pair of pants from an unmarked rack, and there weren't any price labels on the pair of pants, I just took two pairs in different sizes from the rack to try which is my size. It turned out that the two pairs of pants aren't the same in different sizes, the smaller size one which I couldn't fit in was a capris. But the larger size one was the perfect pants for me. Before paying, I asked a sales assistant how much it was and she told me $49 before discount, so it should be $29 after discount. What a steal! The best part, after she scanned the code, it turned out that there was further discount and the pair of pants cost me only $23~

The blouse also had another interesting story. I spotted the blouse on display on a mannequin, and went to look for it on the racks. There was 3 pieces left, two in 34 and another in 36. I usually fit a size 36, but I think the cutting of G2000 is smaller than most other brands. After trying out a whole ton of clothes, it is indeed that I fitted into a size larger in G2000 than the other labels. Anyway, I tried on 36 and although it fitted, it was too snug, and my tummy was bulging out. There weren't any in a larger size. I was so disappointed as I was walking out when I spotted the display mannequin again. In a spur of a moment decision, I went to check the size of the display mannequin, and guess what, it was a 38!

Immediately I wanted to get someone to help me strip the mannequin of that piece, but my sister advised me against it. She used to temp at another label and their policy is to have as little trouble as possible so no stripping of mannequins. But I didn't really care. I once bought a mannequin display piece of a dress from Celia Loe, that sales assistant was so patient even though I told her that don't need to go to that trouble. Anyway, being a demanding customer, I decided to get someone to strip that mannequin. I mean, I was 95% sure I was going to buy that piece. Unfortunately, the guy who tended to me looked like a temp staff who was totally clueless. He went to the racks and back and told me there was no more 38, I had to repeat that I wanted the display piece because I already know there's no more 38 on the racks. Then he went back to the racks and came back saying that they have it in black. damn! Is this guy dense or what? But I had to keep my cool becuase if I look like a troublesome customer I might not get the help I needed to get my way. I told him again plainly and obviously that I wanted the display piece. It was only then that he ran off and looked for a more senior staff to see how she could help me. And that senior staff was really good, she stripped the mannequin and gave me that piece, and didn't bother to check if I was definitely buying it, and went ahead and clothed the mannequin in that black version of the blouse.

Yes, I am very happy with my buy, more satisfied because I knew I did all I could to get my hands on that piece. Totally no regrets at all. $59 before discount and $41 after discount, much pricier than the pants but every cent worth. The pants is really dirt cheap la. Ooh, and I really like that sash thingie around the neck, it was the reason why I bought that blouse. All striped blouses all look the same, and Joan isn't the kind of person who likes to look the same as others, haha...

After those purchases, I thought I was done shopping at Parkway, but on the way out, we spotted OP have storewide sale. A little pop inside made me $40 poorer. haha~

clothes. back to school wear
I love tunics, they can hide my tummy, cover my fats, very cool and comfortable, and makes my boobs look existent.

The white piece was a bit transparent so despite me having tons of clothes in red, I went for another red piece. The piece I bought was the last new piece~ I really like the butterfly print by the side of the tunic. Then I bought another pair of skorts too, the black one in the right picture. Good for school since I'm now like rotating among that few pieces of shorts/skorts/skirts. My sister bought another white and red/pink tunic which I would be sharing with her, so we can maximise our wardrobe while minimise spending. yay, for having a sister~

clothes. pretty dresses
Remember the black dress I wore when I went out with the girls? Yup, I bought this a little before Christmas at Marina Square. My sister and my aunt were buying Christmas presents for our relatives while I was just lurking around when I spotted this dress on a mannequin on display. I really like the beaded things around the neck and it made a simple black dress so much more exquisite, besides, the cutting of the dress was nice and airy and could flatter my fat body. But the shop only had one piece left, in S when I wanted an L. But bo bian, then I went around the area and walked one big round before coming back to that same shop again, and this time, I spotted the neighbouring shop selling the same dress, just that it wasn't on display. I immediately went in and asked for an L, but that person only had it in M. I was a bit disappointed, but was egged on to try the M since the shop assistant said the the cutting was big. Let's just say it was a perfect fit. haha~ And it was on discount, $35 for a dress only, I'm so easily contented.

I thought I had enough of clothes already when I went by thirtyseven degrees at VivoCity. I was heading to the cinema and never intended to buy anything from anywhere until I saw that dress on a mannequin on display. Yes, I only see clothes which are on mannequins, haha. Similarly, there was only one piece left for S and M and no Ls. I was a bit skeptical when I decided to try on the M one because thirtyseven degrees is notorious for having very small cutting. But the M fitted me very nicely, in fact it was a bit loose even. I had to try on the S too. Between the S and M, the S had accentuated my armpit fats and the zip was a bit spoilt, which the M was a bit loose around the neck and back area. I went ahead with the M in the end. I'm still very happy with my $49 purchase, and I'll save it to wear on Chinese New Year. I can pig out and the dress can hide my fats.

Joan is a happy girl~


Cindy said...

how about trying skirts which are A-lined? They make me look younger, at least. haha... :P

Cindy said...

ya.. u look nicer in the second collage.. :)