Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Really Cool Day

I woke up at 10am this morning. It was raining hard and cold. I decided to pull my blanket over my face and tuck the sides of the blanket under my body to prevent minimal heat loss from within the blanket. I rolled in my bed and continued lying in a semi-conscious state and do nothing, just resting. When I was finally awake, I reached for my ipod in my bag which was lying on my bed. I plugged the earpieces in and switched my ipod on. I watched a video on my ipod, a one hour long TV programme I downloaded some time ago. I brought the ipod under my blanket to join me while I still lay on my bed with my head snugly attached onto the pillow. Wonderful~

After the show ended, I wriggled on my bed and decided that I shall go online. I picked up my laptop beside my bed and turned it on. Facebook, with my Warbook, and Battle Stations. Yum yum, like that another hour passed by. What a nice cool wonderful day doing nothing but lying in my bed.

Are you jealous?

I am awake since 10am and haven't stepped off my bed, not even to the toilet, basically I'm just paralysed on my bed. I love rainy days~ I love rainy days when I'm at home with nothing to do and can sleep in and laze about and slack. woohoo~ Just hope that after today's torrential rain there won't be any more rain left for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be in school the whole day and raining would just make the situation more depressing. haha~

Ciao for now, I'm going back to playing my Warbook and Battle Stations. There's no plans for me to get off my bed until after lunch. My parents are buying lunch back for me, whee! I don't even need to get off bed to eat. I'll be staying in bed for as long as I don't need to go to the toilet, but I'll return to my bed straight after I'm done in the toilet, so it's still considered spending the whole entire day in my bed paralysed. haha~


stanley said...

today is really cool and nice to sleep!!! lol.. =P

xxoos said...

haha, so i guess u are sleeping too i suppose, lol~