Monday, March 03, 2008

Why No Blog?

I'm tired.

These isn't much reason for me to blog lately since life has hit a nice little stream, no ups no downs, no serious blogging material. I don't want to think too deeply and write serious shite, I haven't been writing since ages, not even reading much, no many movies, not many everything at all.

Life now revolves around school and S, the two big Ses. Yes, I went to Malacca and Kuching and went to some jungle, but that's about it. Until I find the momentum to do up the photos, I'll be too tired to blog about it.

Oh yar, I just had my birthday. A great big thanks to everyone who remembered and wished me happy birthday even though I was in some kampung in Sarawak, so couldn't reply to your thanks. But I did feel all the warmth radiating back from home. Love ya guys so much.

I'll be rushing off for my driving lesson now, after a three month hiatus, wish me luck. I'll need to renew my PDL too, wish me a short queue ahead. Ciao, folks~

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