Wednesday, December 24, 2003


i just lurvvve christmas!!! i love receiving christmas and i better love sending them... all the writing and thanking friends for being there over the past year, catching up with those havent met for a long long time. id like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends who have sent me christmas cards and or other forms of christmas greetings! thank you.

id also like to thank mr kwan for the lunch he treated our class ytd, even though only half our maths class went. we went to secret recipe at siglap, i ate their drilled bbq chicken which was served with buttered rice, but their mushroom soup is well worth mentioning. most other places prepare their soups with onions which i dont really like, so it was very appetising to learn that secret recipes mushroom soup is done without the icky yucky onions. served with half a toasted bun, the soup is best drunk warm. strongly recommended by joan.

also visited the acm (asian civilisation museum) at armenian street ytd with eunice. really learnt a lot from this trip down there ytd, cant wait to make a trip down to the other acm at empress place some day.

today went town again to do some shopping. wisma and taka was like absolutely filled with people and more people that yanling commented that it seemed similar to a scene of the flooding of chinese immigrants into singapore at the end of the 19th century. seeing the number of couples on the streets today, wahaha, i also want a boyfriend! wahaha! haiz... really, if i can find a nice guy, rich, loves me, can take care of me, i dont mind getting married right away.

but clearly, im just dreaming, so never you mind me... haiz... anw, at kino today i bought a new comic series, the first two books. tsubasa reservoir chronicle, by clamp... havent read it yet so cant introduce it today. so, until after i get started with the comic... ...