Saturday, March 06, 2004

On Top of the World~

Very pleased with my results. Especially for Econs. Thank you very much, Ms Leong!!!

Now that Im quite certain about my future, I can start making plans for the rest of this nice long hols without much agony. After the John Little stint, I dont want to continue any more. I would probably want to bum around... Ya, Vic, you too, bum around with me, the unity of the voluntary unemployed!

Maybe I wld want to try out for relief teaching... Sounds pretty slack, quite easy money... Say, let us see how.

I will also want to try find time to meet up with all friends I havent met up for a long time. That reminds me, I have yet received ANY birthday present!!! This is so so sad... Where are my friends?! If you, my dear friend read this, and acknowledge that you are my friend, you get the hint? Peiting, hope you dont forget, it is double this year hor... hehe... so bhb...

Another incentive for me to remain unemployed and meet up with friends after leaving John Little... Ahhh... Cant wait to be free!!!