Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What Shall I Do Now?

Im officially unemployed now that my contract with John Little has ended and I have absolutely no interest in extending it. It is not that I dont like working there, but I really need a break to slowly ponder over what I want to read in Uni and to settle all the administration stuff which Im really bad at. Id really like to take this opportunity to thank all my superiors and fellow colleagues at JLPP for their guidance. Now that I left, Id also promised them that I will be back... as a disgruntled customer! Now that I now how things work in there, haha, I try my best to make life difficult for them! haha...

With all the time on my hands, I think I will also write a book titled How to Do Well in Exams with Minimal Studying. I think I have every reason to succeed with that book cos I can just put my whole personal experience in that book! Okay, Im not trying to gloat, but thinking back, I think Im really lucky!

For Maths, I didnt study complex numbers, differential equations, ap gp, applications of integration, applications of differentiation, pdf cdf, and a whole lot more, but I got an A for Maths! How amazing!

*To my dear juniors, the trick behind is do specialise, pray hard, and dont make mistakes*

For Econs, I studied like 4 topics to do 3 questions, only Labour Market didnt come out, but the rest was just as I spotted. Considering that for two years in JC I never got more than a 9/25 for my essays, the B that I got for Econs is really a godsend. This I must thank Ms Leong for spending much time with me going through MCQs and the Case Study.

*So, the trick is to concentrate on what you can score in (note: I didnt waste my time studying essays), make your teacher work (you didnt pay your school fees for nothing) and pray hard that you spotted correctly*

My Hist was quite expected, so there isnt really any trick being the score that I got except hard work, a hardworking Mr Thompson (thanks) and a well, Mr Hasim, whom Ive got nothing to say about.

Maybe I can write another book called How to Spot Questions Correctly...