Monday, May 10, 2004

All Hope's Gone

**I still need someone to go with me to watch Faye Wong’s concert.
Anyone interested? Dont hesitate, just call me up!
Price negotiable, just treat it as accompanying me... Please? **

10 min ago, I dropped my bottle of anti-stretch mark essence and onto the floor it went in pieces. The essence splattered all onto the bathroom floor; the glass bottle shattered into tiny bits.

When the bottle broke, I felt that whatever hopes that I had harboured in it came crashing down with it.
Is Something Up There giving me a hint not to place my hopes in it?
Is that same Something also telling me not to continue to buy anymore hopes?

Should I buy another bottle and continue my therapy to at least see if that thing works?
Or should I take a hint from that Something and just put the whole issue behind me?
Should I also forget about buying my other hopes?