Thursday, May 13, 2004

piss piss piss

**Needed: Someone to accompany this little girl to Faye Wong’s Concert
Price: Negotiable
Please, someone, reply to this notice and contact me...
Im getting desperate...**

Sometimes, people think little of what they say, they dont realise that something, little to them it may seem, but actually pisses the other party off. This would be like putting a frog into a pail of water and very gradually increasing the temperature. The frog in the water cant react to the subtle increase in the temperature of the water until it is too late, the poor frog would already have been cooked. Likewise, the pissed-off party would not immediately show his unhappiness but would slowly and subtly launch his revenge plan condemning the oblivious “frog” into eternal damnation.

This would be in stark contrast with outright pissing people off. When you knowingly and openly piss people off, it would be like immediately placing a frog into a pail of boiling water. In this circumstance, the frog would instinctively jump out of the water before much damage can be done. Similarly, the pissed-off person in this context would launch an open rebuttal against the “frog” thereby allowing the “frog” to work out a defensive plan.

So, what exactly is the point of my frog theory?

Well, I would like to warn people to watch their speech and not to unknowingly piss me off. Im the kind of person who gets pissed of easily even though I sometimes wont show it, and I harbour grudges.

What would piss me off?

Comments on my weight.

Okay, not all comments would piss me off, so the exact answer of the above question would be, ignorant comments on my weight in an ignorant tone.
Those people who are pissing me off with their ignorant comments on my weight are basically friends I’ve made from March 2002 to May 2003, so that would be all those people in TJ.

Examples of piss-worthy remarks:
“Oh, Joan! Are you still eating?!” I mean, we go out for lunch, for dinner together, and you see me eating as much, if not more than you and you still got the cheek to ask if Im eating?!
“Joan, I think its time to stop your diet. You lost enough weight.” My crash diet lasted only the whole of May 2003, one year ago, and after that I continued by eating regular portions of food (note: regular as in what you and everyone else is eating!). Besides, Im not the kind of people who can stare into a delicious serving of whatever and say I cant eat it as Im on a diet, NEVER.
“Joan, can you stop losing weight?” Some things are beyond my control. Im eating well and happily, never munching on carrots, or lettuce or tomatoes ever in my life, esp if they are raw. Double the yucks!
“I must take Joan as an example and lose some weight!” Really, are you so thick to believe that losing weight is in everyone’s blood? Its not something any Tom, Dick or Harry can do.

History of Joan’s Weight

Ever since I was young, I was tall and skinny. It is naturally so, hence it will also be so. I was 40kg throughout my first two years in secondary school, then I started eating at an exponential rate. Fast food would be ordered as a meal up-sized, buffets would see me downing what could feed a family of four in Ethiopia for at least half a month, snacks about the portion of one big bag of Lay’s became almost an everyday affair, the list goes on. It was no wonder that I ballooned and graduated from Sec 4 with a weight of 55kg.

The situation worsened during the period March 2002 to May 2003 when I did nothing in TJ other than eating in the canteen or scope and sleeping in the library or scope, I think I did try to fit in some lessons between eating and sleeping but that was negligible. Hence, I reached my peak in May 2003 with an impressive weight of 63kg.

I am a naturally thin person, so it was not difficult for me to lose the excessive weight Id built up over the horrific 3 ½ years and I did so only by cutting back on my humongous diet, so if you are the kind of people who are already fat in the first place, I suggest that you dont try to emulate me. Its no use.

Another thing about me is that Im small boned. Even though I may look thin, and I may be weighing very little, Im still covered with fats around my tummy area and upper thighs and even on my upper arms. Note: fats are less dense than muscles and bones. So, it is of no wonder that I weigh lighter than what people think.

And my stretch marks... My stretch marks didnt appear after I lost weight as most people think. They appeared during my 3 ½ years of exponential weight gain and merely deepened after my weight loss.

Now I weight 47kg. It may be a little on the light side, but Im still 7kg heavier than I was supposed to be, so please, all those people who never saw me in my 40kg stature, stop your ignorant comments and accept the fact that the world is loads bigger than you think!

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