Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Champion

The Champion, Channel 8 9pm on Monday-Fridays

This is what one can consider as a typical idol drama. It has a stupid girl, a slow guy, a vindictive girl, a single-minded guy, a dashing guy, a commitment-phobic girl, a married guy with kid in tow, and the ku3 qing2 girl with cripple sis in tow. What more would one need in a drama?

I hate it so much that I think I actually love it. So far I've only missed half and hour of the show since it started running. Maybe it's because I've got nothing better to do so I squat by my little tv screen waiting for that show to screen like almost every day.

Okay, there are some pretty good eye candy in the show that compiled me to start watching it. There's Yan Xingshu. Tall, athletic, decent features, and a damn good bod. hehe... He isn't a national basketballer for nothing, but putting him in a swimming drama seems a bit wasteful of talent. Then there's Toro who I just can't seem to get myself to like his character. If I ever get to know a guy like his character, I'd probably hate him man. Okay, ya, some people say I'm SM, I like the chauvinistic kind of guys, but, that's me, so don't shoot me.

Actually, I think I can't stand like all of the characters. They all seem to be flawed in some way or another, especially so that I can't stand. I hate wishy-washy people, I hate women who steals other people's boyfriend, especially when the guy doesn't even like her, I hate girls who think that they are superior to guys, I hate guys who won't admit their own feelings, I hate girls who have nothing better to do than worrying about who like or don't like them, and I hate girls who keep guys at their beck and calls. So basically, I don't like any one of the characters in the show.

What's worse is the quality of the actors and actresses. Fiona Xie! I mean, her voice is so pathetic, just looking at her pitiful face and hearing her that voice, I know I won't like her. Okay, she fits her character very well. And when compared to Xiaoqiao's character, she is an angel, but still, I think I just got something against Fiona Xie. Jeanette Aw! Another person who can't speak well. She speaks in so broken up pieces that I just feel like calling her to shut up and just act nice. Ya, and put her voice beside Fiona Xie, she's just great. But what's worse is the horrendous mix of different accents in the show. How can you explain a family who speaks totally different from each other? A father who speaks Singapore accented Mandarin, an elder sister who speaks Singapore English accented Mandarin, a brother who speaks Taiwanese accent Chinese, and a younger sister who speaks jiang3 hua2 yu3 campaign Mandarin.

To a prerenially deprived girl here, the highlights of the show seems to be the better qualitied guys. Yup... Yan Xingshu, Qi Yuwu... Qi Yuwu too has a good bod, but his hair is so terrible that he seems to be having bad hair days every day, and although he has a good bod, what's up with not giving him any shirts to wear?! I think he's like 40% of the time topless, 40% of the time in an unbuttoned shirt and the rest more decently dressed. Yan Xingshu is in much better taste. A nice haircut, nice shirts, and only going topless once in a while. The Chinese have a saying, wu4 yi3 xi1 wei2 gui4 meaning the lesser quantity of a commodity, the more precious it is, I think the same would apply to these guys bods.

The other two imported guys, Toro and Huaien are so ... The pale pathetically compared to Yan Xingshu. Toro is like so scrawny, and short, and well, diminished in stature and that doesn't go well on screen with Fiona Xie. Not saying she is fat cos she isn't, but she is big on her top half of her body and that makes Toro look much smaller beside her. Huaien, well, if you remember what I wrote about Zhang Ziyi in 2046, then that would be Huaien's problem. Apparently Singapore's tropical climate didn't really do well with his complexion. But, giving him some credit, aren't there like good make up artists in TCS? Close up scenes of Huaien's character see his concealler in a different shade as his foundation. And any girl would know that this is a big big no no.

Although I can't think of any good thing to say about the show, I don't know why I'm so addicted to it. Maybe I just have nothing better to do. hehe...

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