Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nach Deutschland

This shall be a short short post. I'll be heading off to Germany pretty soon. I'm not ready yet. I've butterflies in my stomach. I'm bleeding. hmm... Still got what else? Let me think... My dad got me a webcam and mic, a 512mb memory card for my camera, another one for my handphone, those techies making my head ache.

I'm getting paranoid that I'm forgetting something. I'm forgetting most of my German already anyway. I'm afraid my host family won't like me, or me not liking them. I'm afraid of missing Singapore and everyone within. My friends~ I'll miss you. Do miss me too~

Drop me emails. I like writing long emails. Visit my photos, links by the side, drop me short emails to tell me how you feel too. I need that little touch from home.

Till then~

1 comment:

loki said...

Hey relak lah...

Your friends in Singapore will still be around lah...

Try to cultivate the 'come what may...' attitude... Anyway, the German will like you one lah... Your host may also feel the same way as you in meeting someone from a foreign country... so COOL IT!

Well, it's a long trip away from home but you'll be back! =)