Sunday, May 29, 2005

Updates On My Script

I've finished the outline of my play, excluding the part of the romantic love story. I'll still be needing time, and a little something else to craft everything together.

The outline of the play was sent to Loki and Jinwei, or in Joan's terms "Lo-kee and A-wee". hehe~ I'm being lame while trying to rhyme. Loki got back to me with his thoughts already but I'm too drained to do anything about his comments. Jinwei is rotting, so I guess his brains aren't working. I can't blame him cos I'm feeling the exact same way as him.

I'm thinking should I place my script outline online. I think better not ba. If anyone wants to read my outline and give me comments, drop me a note, I'll pack the outline nicely and send it over to you.

Next up, I'll be trying to fit my romantic love story into the play and use that as the backbone of the whole play. I'd probably not be doing an outline for that but have to go straight into the actual dramatise of it. After all the gist of the love story is already out in my head. I'm a suckler for nice love stories. I want all love stories to end the way I want it to, but sometimes disappointment can be beautiful. How contradicting I am.

I need names for my characters. Or should I do a Wong Kar Wai and just do off with names? I have some friends, I never called them by their names before. I don't think I've ever called them anything. There's no need to. Anything I say immediately is directed to them cos there's no one else around. Similarly, there won't be any other people, so maybe there's no need for names.

Of course, there's a need to reasonate my choice for not giving names to my charaters. Think I shall base my reason on my own experience. In that setting, there are only two people around. Anything one of them says would be immediately picked up by the other. Besides, they are intimate enough to aha! I just remembered... Was talking to Jinwei yesterday about rapport. Yup... That's it! Rapport! The two of my characters have that rapport to understand or feel that the other is calling out to him.

This not calling of names lowers a barrier between them making them more intimate but it also shows a wedge between them. The problem of their relationship. Their relationship can be considered as intimate but not intimate. No calling of weird honey, sweetie, currypuff thingies, no calling of names, just saying of their mind.There would be no need for the addressing of the other. After all their relationship is really very special.

Hmm... Seems like I'm putting a bit of myself into my play. I mean of course, isn't my play my baby? hehe~ I was talking to Zhichun the other day. I was described writing a play as shitting. Sometimes when you have the urge, you can crap a lot, sometimes, when there isn't really an urge you can be pretty constipated. The imagery might be a little crude, but I remembered Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia once mentioned that his mother first tried to explain childbirth by describing it to be like shitting. Writing a play is like nurturing a baby, and giving birth is like shitting, so what's wrong with my analogy except that it's just a bit graphic?

I don't know if there's a link between me nurturing my script and me wanting to nurture a baby. Recently everytime I go shopping and I spot babies, especially if they are carried by the parents, I'd feel this overwhelming sense of envy. My maternal instincts seems to be calling out to me to have a baby. I think I'd be a good mother. Just like how I think my play is going to come out well.

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huijing said...

hey hey, you call me by my name so i guess things are ok with us! haha... anyway, i think your blogskin is a tad futuristic or harsh? Maybe its the choice of colours. And font too big for my liking... hee hee. :)