Friday, June 03, 2005

Im Deutschland

I'm here in Germany! In this little town of Freiburg. My host family stay in this little village off the town, called Au. It's a nice natural little place, nothing that you can get back home. I've taken lots of pictures. hehe~ If I stop taking pictures I shall cease to be Joan liao le.

The weather is great. Nice cool climate with some sun but not humid at all. My face is no longer perennial oily but nice and smooth. I'm hoping that my spots would clear up in about a weeks time~ hehe~ It's nice to be in somewhere that seems to be like totally air-conditioned. Better than staying at home with my brains being fried and maggots worming out of it. Better than switxhing on the air-conditioner and the fan. Aren't you so jealous, Jinwei? hahahaha~ After my face clears up you have nothing against me and I can go on to make fun of you as much as I want liao le!

Watch out for my pictures, I've got lots and lots of them~

As of now, I'm not really missing home yet, shall not say things too early, but I'm missing all my friends back in Singapore. I love you guys... Not being online really sucks... Cannot kachiao people, cannot catch up with people, cannot do this cannot do that, but as of now, all these are worth it!

Just only things here are damn damn expensive. International brands are like dollar for dollar in Singapore, so if you consider the exchange rate, then it's like everything here is double. So I can't really enjoy myself to the max in terms of food and shopping. Haven't eaten any sausages yet and I'm not eating eggs. If I've withdrawal symptoms from anything, that has to be eggs. I need my daily dosage of eggs~ wahaha~

I'm also sick of potatoes. I can really understand how people go through war with nothing else to eat other than potatoes. hai... And another thing I never eaten before in my life but stuck eating now, asparagus. Reminds me of that fiasco in Cartel... Tell that story another time. Need to carry on with my fun here!

Till then peeps~

PS: I didn't alter the sttings for time, so this time is in Singapore time. Minus 6 hours and you'll get my time~

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deb said...


Wie geht es dir? ;)

Ich möchte dir besuchen. XDXDXD Ist das OK???

Haha... Du kannst unsere "kachiao"-en. Ruf mir an. XDXDXD

mwahahahaha... this is really really crappy... XD