Thursday, June 23, 2005

updates in joan's life

1. The bloody weather is bad.
What's worse than being freezing cold? Being freaking hot! It's 35 degrees here without air conditioning, without tall buildings and trees to block out the freaking sun. I rather it to be freezing cold lor. I didn't fly 12000 miles to experience a weather similiar to Singapore's without the cloody air conditioning. I'm sounding like a spoilt brat, but I think the heat is getting into me.

2. I've completed the first draft of my script.
Submitted it to Audrey and company liao le, now just waiting for their comments about it. 22 papges in all. Without stage directions. Without expanding on the ideas, yet.

3. I'm still going strong.

4. I do miss home a bit.

5. Last weekend was Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day! Though my greeting to my dad was a bit late, but I still love him. hahaha~ I'll def do a tribute to the man who has always been by my side, but that will come when I've got the time... lol~

More updates another time ba...

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